BEST TOP-5 HYIP includes the most successful projects performing untill today. HYIP for real! Here you can find useful information and practical guidance to everyone who wishes to enter the world of HYIP investment and Top of the most trusted HYIP. This is opportunity to make money at home and live your dream! 🙂 We are an investment team of “Hyip-Online”, we have six years of investment experience in HYIP industry. We only focus for the best ***


Hourpaid is very big project and in reality it is exactly like that. I like that project is made in very simple style but easy to understand for everyone, also user area for Hourpaid is made very simple and easy to use. Hourpaid monitored in 82 days by very big amount of popular monitors until now. Highest available level of trust and authentication to the website. The green address bar contains the company name and provides highly ***


Today we will look at the next rival in the HYIP industry – a program called Aurum Bank. However, the program admin claims on the website that it has been online already for 745 days. Now, I have reinvested into this program and will be keeping an eye on the performance of this HYIP. The program gives a very strong impression of a connection to financial services. Businessman and businesswoman on the homepage are looking at you. ***

ZOOO Ltd Review (

The program ZOOO Ltd has been registered in Australia and has present company information on the website, which provides information about registered companies. I mean, there is a company with the same name, which can be found by using a registration number, which is present on the website of this HYIP. However, keep in mind that the company registration date is 7th October of 2016. Project owners are not hiding this information or anything and certificates proving ***

Crypto Finance Review (

For now, I want to reintroduce a program called Crypto Finance. This program was started on 7th of August 2016. It’s a big budget program but was launched almost silently. May be they’re also waiting for a good time in HYIP industry. But it’s already 105 days has passed and Crypto Finance is near to complete their 4th cycle of payments for the first plan. It’s a very good starting already but I think it is still ***

Success in HYIP

Here is the experience of foreign investors about investing in HYIP and measures to reduce the risk that existed before we joined a program. What should you know before joining a company HYIP? Some programs have a plan that is good enough and designed the program to be able to survive for long periods of time, while other programs look like quickly to get money from the system which they apply, but really it’s just a hoax ***

Pay Get Review (

Program status in is NOT PAYING (Don’t invest here! ) There’s a few unusual features to Pay Get to set it apart from a lot of the other mid-term programs that so dominate the HYIP market at the moment, something which I guess the admin has to accommodate if he wants his program to stand out from the crowd. Of course on the other hand one needs to remember there can be a very fine line ***

Bitcoin 365 Club Review (

Program status in is NOT PAYING (Don’t invest here! ) A program called Bitcoin 365 Club and right from the start when you will open this web page you will feel quality touch. When you open the main page, it is clear that administrator has decided to follow traditional Hyip design guidelines but at the same time site is elegant enough to make an impression of something real. I’m not great supporter when for advertising of ***

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