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Interest in Crypto Currency Will Double

Experts believe that interest in crypto currency will double based upon the research of Ipsos and ING Bank BV. The main result of the research of Ipsos and ING Bank BV in respect of crypto-currencies is the growth of interest in these assets in the future. The research company Ipsos on behalf of ING Bank BV conducted a study of how crypto-currencies are perceived in Europe, Australia and the the…

Best Top-5 Hyip

Includes the most successful projects performing untill today, Hyip for real! Here you can find useful information and practical guidance to everyone who wishes to enter the world of HYIP investment and Best Top of the most trusted Hyip. This is opportunity to make money at home and live your dream. We are an investment team, we have six years of investment experience in Hyip industry. We only focus for…


Long-term hyips and their troubles in getting profit, how they work, reasons long-term hyip investment is no longer trendy, what investors should do Projects with restrained marketing have long been considered the most reliable and efficient in the HYIP industry. It was these funds that formed the basis of any investment portfolio and worked in all seasons when mid-term and fast projects got blacklisted in a blink of an eye….

OKBITHOUR – Simple Investing Prosperous Future

OKBITHOUR LTD is focused on regular investors, helps them to use the ever – changing new cryptocurrency market of reverse investment with the help of Blockchain. Our team is highly qualified with operations with cryptocurrencies and digital assets in general.Through algorithms developed we are able to identify the best options for buying / selling. Usually investors with crypto currencies want to find the best methods and the use of their…

TRUSTHOURDEPOSIT – Making more possible

TrustHourDeposit Ltd came into being in 2007 following the rapid global growth of Bitcoin and associated cryptocurrency markets. As investors’ ambitions grew, we recognized the need for a platform that matched their lofty expectations, serving the investors with the best returns in the market, We will preserve focus on the most traded currency – Bitcoin. You will not miss the most professional cryptocurrency investment team from now on. It became…

INSMINING – Instant Mining Project

INSMINING (Instant Mining Limited) is a Bitcoin-only program offering everyone to start mining Bitcoins with the existing hashing power they offer. INSMINING offers three investment plans called Beginners Package, Professional Package, VIP Package. These plans offer three investment plans with following average interest rates: 0.62%, 0.86% or 1.28% daily for one year. Initial deposit returned at the end of the investment term. As mentioned already this is a Bitcoin-only program,…