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NOT PAYINGHello everyone,

4Finance was started on 3rd of August and has been added on 12th of August. This program has got huge popularity in a very short time. Actually, huge promotion over HYIP industry is the main power of 4Finance and there are some other qualities also helped to get attention of investors.

The design is very nice and impressive, still no unique idea has been added to their website. A simple slide-show, some ordinary descriptions, details of investments and a good footer section. Scrolling animation is also added to bring some nice effects on scrolling the website. No doubt that the website was built by professionals, but I’d like to tell it an ‘average’ looking website. Interestingly, some pages have little different design which might be better than the homepage. They’ve claimed that their profits are created by trading on Forex, but there is not lot of details about this. But they’ve assured that they’ve professional team to handle this matter. There is a ‘News’ section available also, and may be investors and visitors will found news and updates there on every Sunday. Social Medias are also added and I’ve found a fair amount of “likes” and “followers” there. A phone number is also available, but the best way to get instant support is “live chat option”. I’ve found them online almost 24hours but they’re not able to solve any critical issues. However, there were no faults found on their website and the big green SSL bar has bring a premium look for this website.

4Finance is offering 3 types of investment plans which are based on the amount of investments. Investments from $25 to $999 will get 2.6% daily, from $1000 to $4999 investments will get 2.8% and $5000+ investments will get 3% daily for 90 business days (around 126 calendar days). Capital will be back at the end of the term and there is no way to withdraw the capital before 90 business days.
No doubt that most of investors will choose the first investment plan which is started from $25 and the profit is 2.6% per day for 90 business days. The total profit will be 234% on this plan and if the capital returns then the total profit will be 334% where 234% is the real profit. This is more than enough if everything goes OK till end. If we calculate the risk ratio then 100% of capital will be back in around 39 business days which means around 54 calendar days. And the real profits will start from 55th calendar days.

Some big investors may look for 2.8% daily where the minimum investment started from $1000. The total profit is 252% (352% if the capital is back) but the risk ratio is little less than the first plan. 100% of capital will be back in 36 business days which is around 50 calendar days. Only 4 days difference but the profit 18% more than the first plan.

There is a ‘bait’ of getting 3% per day, but the minimum investment amount is started from $5000 which is out of reach for HYIP investors. I think if HYIP admins really want investors for their last plans, then they should decrease the minimum invest amount. However, I hope there will be someday when $5000 will not be out of reach for HYIP investors.

So, these plans are really long term (may be very long term). Investors have to be involved here for more than 4 months. Although the profits will start coming early but we’ll always hope to get our capital back from 4Finance. Also the total profit is very high, even if we don’t get our capital back still there will be 134% and 152% real profits in first 2 plans.

4Finance accepts 5 payment processors for making deposits and withdrawals. Perfect Money, Payeer, BitCoin, Payza and Neteller. 3 of those 5 payment processors are already popular in HYIP industry, and other 2 Payza and Neteller will help 4Finance to get investors from out of the HYIP world. In my opinion, Neteller should be accepted in HYIP industry for regular basis, as most of betting sites and online casinos accept Neteller. Also the transfer fee of Neteller is 0%! By the way, all deposits and withdrawals are “Instant” so no need to wait to get your money to your payment processor when you request for a withdrawal.

4Finance has impressive technical details. Extended validate SSL with big green bar, as I told that it has bring a premium look to the website and also investors will feel safe on every transactions. Hosted on DDOS-Guard which is providing strong and reliable DDOS protection from years. They’re using licensed GC script and it was modified a little for a better member area. Surprisingly, the domain is registered for 10 years.

Finally, as I told that the advertising is the main power of 4Finance but there is also no lack of qualities. Almost all popular monitors and blogs are promoting this program and also they’ve spent a lot for banner advertising. No doubt that 4Finance is a “Big Budget” project. Creator’s are professional and they’re quite serious about their project. I hope they’ll understand the psychology of investors and will run this project for a longtime. Anyway, don’t invest more than you afford to lose.
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