Ad Hit Profits – 100% of revenue shared with all members | Ad Hit Profits – 100% of revenue shared with all members


I have been paid. If I can do it so can you…

Ad Hit Profits – 100% of revenue shared with all members. SCAM!

Paid instantly.
From: adhitprofits

Amount: $20.23
From: adhitprofits

• Owner: Charles Scoville
• Launched on April 8, 2013
• Watch a Video From The Owner About His Business Experience & How Ad Hit Profits Works:

• This program pays earnings every 30 minutes.
• Revenue Share Program – 100% of revenue shared with all members.
• Purchase a Directory Listing for $45 to earn money.
• Click on 10 ads every day to get paid.
• Make 125% on every $45 purchase.
• Every $45 purchase makes $56.25 (125%)
• Purchase as many Directory Listings you want to make even more.
• PRODUCT: High Quality Advertising Services
• Referral Commissions: 10% on every purchase
• $45 minimum to get started.
• Payment Processors: Payza, Solid Trust Pay, and EzyBonds

And here is the last info from my sponsor Alan Chapman and what he says about AHP:

Do you know that AHP (AdHitProfits) CANNOT Go Bust!
With NO DEBT how can AHP go bust?

DO YOU Know that if every AHP member withdraw 100%
of their balances tomorrow THAT they would.. 100%..
be Paid what they are owed!

AND if all members withdrew 100% of their balances the
next day, and the next day.. etc etc that AHP will and
can PAY them ALL..

AHP is a legitimate business where all earnings ARE covered by REAL Income..
NOW please tell me of any other program that can promise you that!!

IF you have any doubts about AHP then all I can do is wish you all the best.. I know
for myself, my family, and my members AHP is the Very BEST business ONLINE..

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