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Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great. Today, i want to discuss about the relationship between Hyips and Hyip monitors. It’s important to know about the relation between Hyips and Hyip monitors. Although, knowing this will not help investors practically, but as an investor you need to have some knowledge about the relation between Hyip and Hyip monitors. You’ll understand easily why Hyip monitors are so important in Hyip industry.

Few days ago I was reading some topics on talkgold forum about Hyip monitors. Many investors or Hyip admins were blaming Hyip monitors as they charge high sums as fees for Hyip programs. It’s true that Hyip monitors take lot of money from the Hyip industry, but it’s also true that Hyip industry will not exist without Hyip monitors. Let me tell you why…??

A Hyip program can’t be launched without a Hyip monitor. Now a days many investors check to check the new launched Hyip programs. But if a Hyip program is launched without a Hyip monitor, it will not show at the “Last Added “ section of It is same for or collects new HYIPs only from HYIP monitors. No Hyip admin can add their program to or without enlisting their program with Hyip monitor.

Now, let’s think about the alternatives of Hyip monitors. If a Hyip admin does not want to use any Hyip monitors then how would he run his Hyip program?

First, he can only do advertising with buying banners from,, and many other popular HYIP related sites and forums. His program will get many visitors from these sites. But regular HYIP investors will not invest there, because they would not know whether this program is really Paying or not. Also, all investors have a habit to see that a Hyip program is being monitored by many Hyip monitors. So, if there is no HYIP monitors monitoring a Hyip program, no one will invest there.

Second, I saw some Hyip admins were recommending to use Hyip forums instead of Hyip monitors. Because most of Hyip monitors are blood sucking for Hyip admins. It’s true that Hyip monitors are really blood sucking for Hyip admins. But Hyip forums will not promote Hyips without taking any money. Now Hyip admins can open threads in Hyip forums for free. But if there is no Hyip monitors then forums must take a fee to open threads in their forums. Well, some forums may not take any fees to open threads. But those topics will not be visible to visitors. Those topics will be put at 50th – 60th page of topics list. Hyip admins have to bring their program at 1st page again by making replies there regularly. So they’ve to hire many peoples to make replies at forums continuously which will cost more than a Hyip monitoring service.

Another way is to promote a Hyip program with Google and Facebook. It will cost $5-$10 daily for Facebook promotion to get 50 – 100 general visitors daily, where may be 60% peoples are not interest to invest in any program whether it’s HYIP or LYIP ( low yield investment program ). Same conditions apply to google also. But, doing a SEO ( search engine optimization ) can be very effective and good way to promote a Hyip. There are around 2000 searches monthly in Google for ‘Hyip’ related keywords. If any Hyip admin can bring their site on the first page of Google search he may get many visits. But, it will cost nearly $2000 – $3000 in total and at least 4-6 months to get at first page.

Well, I’m not the first person who is thinking about the alternative of Hyip monitors. Unfortunately, there is no alternative for Hyip monitors right now. There are more than 100 Hyip monitors in Hyip industry. But most of those are cheap and useless. One of my blogger friend has already proven that most of Hyip monitors are good for nothing. Though they are continuously working for Hyip admins and cheating with investors by providing false status and information about Hyips, actually those are destroying the Hyip industry day by day too. If most of investors and admins follow only few trusted and effective Hyip monitors then the extra costs will be decreased easily.


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