NOT PAYING Today we will look at the next rival in the HYIP industry – a program called Aurum Bank. However, the program admin claims on the website that it has been online already for 745 days. Now, I have reinvested into this program and will be keeping an eye on the performance of this HYIP.

The program gives a very strong impression of a connection to financial services. Businessman and businesswoman on the homepage are looking at you. However, everything looks fine. The most important information about their plans can be found on the first page right after the slider and company biography. Moreover, a pop-up calculator can be found easily on the sidebar of any page. Simple, yet functional layout and design. This website is built on Gold Coders script.

Aurum Bank is using heavy approach of reviews and testimonials. They can be found both on the website and social media profiles. There are 6 testimonials in total and in all of them you see smiling people sharing their successful experience about this program. Most likely video authors have received some benefits from it. On the page called Promo Bonus of the Aurum Bank website, you can find information about promo review guidelines and $5, which can be earned by creating a short video. These reviews are used in the communication on Facebook, Twitter, and Vkontakte. Even though there is only one language available – English, I assume admin is targeting Russian-speaking audience since the HYIP has a profile there as well. Then again, social media profiles look a little bit unrealistic with several video reviews and approx. 2000 likes on Facebook, 2300 followers on Twitter.

The Web Archive proves it and the last saved version dated 15th of April 2017 is totally different design. Company names haven’t changed, but most likely the program has been in sleep mode for some time, to increase its age and now admins have decided to move on and attract some investors. The program has a real company registration information, which proves that the admin has done the homework some while ago. It has been incorporated on 16th of August 2016. I did do a quick check in some forums and found out that the first discussions about this HYIP started in May 2015.

For the Aurum Bank investment plans, Admin has chosen quantity approach by offering 25 different investment plans. It takes time to analyze all of them, to find the most beneficial one. After checking all the plan packages, I assume that the most realistic investment plans are all Classic plans with 0.8% up to 2.75% daily for 40 days and up to 260 days, because investment plans in other groups have very high minimum investment. In fact, even in Classic plans, there is only one plan with min $10 investment, but the next Classic plan has the minimum investment of $350. As usually, you must do your own calculations like in most of the cases, to understand a daily profit. For example, Classic 0.8% daily for 260 days looks like an affordable plan to me due to its minimum deposit. In this case, $200 would reach its break-even point only after 125 days. After 260 days, it would reach a profit of $400 + initial deposit is returned at the end.

To sum up, Aurum Bank is a HYIP with very high min investment amounts. Moreover, for a realistic amount of deposits like I mentioned above it takes plenty of time even to reach the break-even point and not to mention real profit. I believe this project has been a sleeping beauty and soon we will see its development. Remember that all HYIP programs are high-risk investments. Therefore, if you ever decide to make any investments, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose!

– Project details


  • Investment plans: 0.8% up to 2.75% daily for 40 up to 260 business days, initial deposit returned at the end of the investment term.
  • Payment processors: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, AdvCash
  • Investments starting from: $10
  • Cash-out: Manual

Technical status: SECURE
SSL: COMODO RSA Extended Validation;
Hosting: DDoS Guard;
DDoS protection: DDoS Guard;
Script: GoldCoders;
Support: Contact form, e-mail. phone
Affiliate reward: 0.5%


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