Basic Hyip scam!

Today I want to talk about some basic tricks what admins use to get more people in their programs. While from outside Hyip programs seem really different, actually they are quite the same, only design and texts change from time to time. There is some common scams what you can see in most of Hyip programs, read about them below.

Incorporation of company
You have seen that many Hyips have incorporated companies in countless countries. Most popular  of them is UK, Belize, Seychelles and other offshore zones. Maybe people just believe that if they see incorporation certificate than Hyip instantly becomes more trustable. Truth is – most of the admins even do not incorporate companies at all, they just find company data in online databases and photoshop incorporation certificates. This surely do not make any HYIP more legal, actually most likely incorporation certificate in website mean more or less nothing.

Company and/or office address
Yes, you have seen that mostly every Hyip have listed address where they are incorporated or address where you can visit their office. Have you checked, for example, with Google maps where they have those addresses? Thanks to “Google street view” and now we can see that offices are open for visitors in abandon buildings and places where is no buildings at all.

Listed phone
Have you ever tried to contact Hyip via phone? No? I have tried several times when I write my reviews for programs. Now, guess how many times someone has picked up the phone? Yes, you got it right – exactly zero. Sometimes I just get voice that says – number is wrong or answering machine just says that all operators are busy for this moment and I need to hold on. Somehow they are “busy” 24/7.

Trading statistics
Yes, there is many Hyips what offer you to check trading statistics. But what if I would say that none of those statistics are real? They are not real, they are just fabricated on admins computer and admin just want to make his website look more legit.

In the end – with this article I just want to say one thing – treat Hyip like a game. There is no real people in company, most likely there is just admin – one alone and that is pretty much everything. Every admin just want to make his Hyip to look more legit, but do not believe his fairytales, just check how well program looks and then think – will this pogram survive till I will get profit from it…?


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