BossVenture ( BV ) Fraud / Scam / Money Game / Ponzy ?

BossVenture ( BV ) Fraud / Scam / Money Game / Phonzi ?

Bossventure business is being hot, and we received a lot of questions about the legality, or the potential risk and the income from from Malaysia Bossventure. Our discussion is based on information taken from the official website including a variety of files, videos, blogs BossVenture members as well as oral and written input from the members BossVenture.

Although founded by Malaysian businessmen, Bossventure Global Limited precisely registered (Co. registered no. 57,598 ) in a very small island nation called Samoa, which is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Hmm, why is the company that ( he says ) a global scale,  as if the other person does not want to reach…?

Currently Samoa is still one of the favorite countries as tax havens, which states that provide lower tax rates for foreign companies to become entrenched where a lot of companies that want to avoid tax because it sits in the middle of the ocean then this business is choosing a name Bossventure. BOSS itself is an abbreviation of Blue Ocean Success Strategies ( Successful strategies ocean blue ).

According to the official website, this company runs an online shopping system is unique, known as “peektosave”. In the online store Bossventure products are offered with discounts concepts hidden behind 50 stickers. Prospective buyers, in this case Bossventure members have purchased points called “peek credit” may “peek-peek” behind the sticker discount.

Members must decide to buy or not within 20 seconds . Every time peek, peek value of the credit will be reduced valued member of 1% of the price of the product that spy.

Well,…according to Bossventure, 20 % of the sales of its products are stored as the funds will be distributed again to the member-members. The amount of profit sharing is a maximum of 1.5 % of the capital invested, for 90 days. However, 1.5 % is not an exact figure. Can go down, as the sale of the company, even zero (0) when no longer funds collected.

The concept itself had previously been offered by Billy Lee through online business. Unfortunately, according to, business only lasted 2 years 350 days ago closed. The website was now no longer accessible. This time Billy Lee is now trying to exist through Bossventure and served as chairman ( CEO ) BossVenture. Is Peek2save Bossventure is the second version?

Bonus calculation

Bossventure not openly claiming to be a multilevel marketing business ( MLM ), probably because there is no physical product is traded. Although members are not selling goods, Bossventure member named resellers. Upline will get a bonus of any referrals ( reseller ) successful new recruits. No doubt the aroma member get member alias “searching for members” should remain very strong network marketing MLM or other business.

Bossventure certainly has a number of online stores selling interesting items. Moreover, in a presentation-presentation, the members Bossventure often mention of the names of the online stores such as, eBay.

Unfortunately, when clicking the “MALL” on the website, there were no online stores are open. Display screen rotates back to Then we try to open It turns out the contents of the store Bossventure of Malaysia contains only a few products only. Lately, it has started tolerable crowded, although the product is not the most popular products ., the precursor of  Boss Venture?
Well, peek this credit can not be availed in the form of money, but it can only be spent back in BVMalls. Of this credit peek BossVenture earn income again. With credit peek in hand, members can peek ( peek ) the prices of the products in the online store BVMalls hidden behind stickers. Members only have 20 seconds to decide whether to buy or not. But be careful, must not peek.

Although no purchase price and just a peek, peek members remain in contact with pieces of credit. Every time peek, aka open sticker price, will cut peek BossVenture member credit worth 1 % of the price of the spy. If you flipped through the sticker 10 times, meaning you actually already paid for the goods by 10 %. And at the same time there may be others as well who are “peeking” goods, aka have paid him well. So naturally the goods into the price drops. Since it was paid, nothing mesipun buy.

For BossVenture, no matter the goods are sold or not. After all, BV can still peek income by directly cutting credit automatically when the member was snooping stickers. So the discount offer does not necessarily mean BossVenture down prices in the truest sense, but because others have “paid” for a certain percentage of the product price when spied.

In conclusion, money aka credit peek members, all of them should be back to BossVenture .

How Legality BossVenture?

A business must have appropriate licensing and legal designation. Unfortunately, such information is also contained in the website Information about legality Bossventure actually displayed in many unofficial websites that is made by the members as a promotional tool to attract referrals.

PT Boss Venture itself is not an investment company and does not have a license from the Financial Services Authority ( FSA – first Bapepam ) to raise public funds. Related to this Bossventure often remind its members to promote Bossventure not as an investment.

Related matter of legality, the public needs to know that the TIN, Business License, TDP, Deed and other documents merely an establishment of a firm basis. Each company has a field operation that requires a separate license from the relevant authorities. For example, importers of drugs or medical devices must have the permission of the Ministry of Health. Related Employers must equip themselves with weapons permit from the Police Department and / or the Ministry of Defence. Tax ID or Business License is not enough.

Likewise, the investment business relating to public funds, must obtain permission from the Securities and Exchange Commission and investment in Indonesia, which the Financial Services Authority ( FSA ). If not , it could be an indication of business illegal business.

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