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NOT PAYINGHello Readers, HYIP monitor joined BTCPlaza project since of March 2015. I must say that BTCPlaza is quality made after-one-day project is worth to be in Best Top 10 Hyip.

BTCPlaza is very simple project and in reality it is exactly like that. I like that project is made in very simple style and easy to understand for everyone. Overall design is done well and also user area for BTCPlaza is made very simple and easy to use. BTCPlaza for now is monitored by very big amount of popular monitors.

From the start it seemed weird that project at standard offers just 1% referral commission, but if we think more than it is clear that idea that you can climb up to 12% by attracting more investors below you, that’s is very attractive.

BTCPlaza is typical after-one-day project and as you can guess first investment plan will return one payment after 24 hours. Minimal investment with BTCPlaza is $10 and if you will invest up to $1000 project on the next day project will return 3% profit. I would say that 3% is quite good, but if you aim for 4% profit after 24 hours than you should invest up to $2000 in this project. I will not cover investments larger than $2000 and I think that $2000 is completely big amount for investment in any after-one-day project.

Second investment plan and in the same time last investment plan what I will cover in this review pays one payment after five days. For investments starting from $10 up to $1000 project will return one 116% payment (3.2% daily profit). For investments up to $2000 return will be 22% (4.4% daily profit). As you see profit difference between first after-one-day plan and plan what pays after 5 days is not very big and maybe that is why at least I personally would choose just first investment plan. Apart from these two investment plans project offers seven other investment plans.

Payment options? You will be able to deposit with PerfectMoney, Payeer, OkPay and cryptocurrency Bitcoin (with real-time BTC to USD exchange rate). As you can guess already deposits will be accepted automatically but withdrawals as usually in after-one-day projects will be processed manually. How long usually I have waited till withdrawal arrives in my e-currency purse? Not much, to be honest within few hours each withdrawal has arrived.

I love that project is using the best commercial HYIP script what you can find around – GoldCoders. Like with every other serious project BTCPlaza have serious hosting and DDoS provider, this time it is DDoS Guard what does all the job to keep website online. Additionally project is secured with free SSL certificate what will encrypt connection from your computer till BTCPlaza server. Domain name is prepaid for five years but in my mind that is way too much for after-one-day project, but it just shows that administrator for development have spent little bit more money than usual administrator.

In the end I must say about BTCPlaza it is still very good project and I see that it have ton of potential hidden into it. Of course how this potential will be used depends just on administrator and we can’t know his actual intentions. That is why if you invest than invest only what you can afford to lose.

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