Everyone_knows,. PerfectMoney and EGOPay payment processors, but lately there is one new payment processor what you can see in almost every new HYIP. It is called PAYEER, and there is a reason why is so popular choice among HYIP admins. Some months ago I started to notice that some programs are starting to accept PAYEER. Now seems that every second…

EGOPay will not accept U.S. Citizens/Residents anymore

Hello everyone, Today, some hours ago EGOPay posted news that they will close accounts that belong to U.S. Citizens/Residents and U.S. Companies on 28th of March. Again it is a strong slap for people from U.S. who are involved in HYIP industry. If you open EGOPay news page over here you will find information that if you are U.S. citizen/resident…

Bitcoin in HYIP

Yesterday I got contacted by one of my readers and he was interested to know more about Bitcoin. My fault that lately I have not posted that much about Bitcoin and I decided to post article about Bitcoin already today.   In simple words Bitcoin is virtual currency what is not controlled by any institution and have no physical location….

Bagaimana Masa Depan Bitcoin di Indonesia?

Awal Masuk Bitcoin ke Indonesia Perkembangan teknologi begitu cepat membuat bitcoin semakin dikenal di Indonesia. Bitcoin ini juga semakin dikenal ketika Ketua The Fed Ben Bernanke menyatakan, bank sentral memang tidak memiliki otoritas untuk mengawasi mata uang virtual. Meski demikian, menurut Bernanke, mata uang virtual ini dinilai cukup menjanjikan untuk ke depannya. Hal itu karena promosi inovasi begitu cepat, cukup…

Kegilaan-kegilaan yang Muncul Gara-gara Bitcoin

Pakai Bitcoin, harga pizza bisa naik hingga Rp 97 juta dalam tiga tahun Saat baru pertama diterbitkan di Amerika Serikat (AS), bitcoin masih setara dengan hitungan sen di Negeri Paman Sam tersebut. Tiga tahun lalu, saat bitcoin resmi diluncurkan pada Februari 2010, satu bitcoin masih bernilai US$ 0,03 atau Rp 364 (kurs: Rp 12.118 per dolar AS). Saat itu, seorang…

Pengganti Liberty Reserve Telah Datang !

Kabar Gembira . . . Pengganti Liberty Reserve telah Datang ! Yakinlah solusi selalu ada, Setelah tidak bisa di aksesnya Liberty Reserve Profitclicking akan segera bekerja sama dengan payment processors baru bernama — > OKPAY Nantinya, anda bisa request kartu atm debit card dari OKPAY yang bisa anda pergunakan untuk tarik tunai uang anda di seluruh ATM berlogo mastercard di…

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