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Hyip knowledge base

If you do one thing in longtime, again and again, you can get experience in this field. Today I will write four tips investment in Hyip industry based on my experience after 3 years play Hyip, have loose, have win in this industry, I hope my knowledge will help you get short cut to going on successfully Hyip player, avoid…

Mau Terjun di Bisnis Hyip? (Newbie Wajib Baca)

Pahami Penjelasan Tentang Hyip berikut ini sebelum Anda Terjun Kedalamnya. Hyip adalah program (sebagian besar online) yang menawarkan keuntungan besar dalam tempo yang relatif cepat. Banyak program yang menawarkan sampai lebih dari 100% keuntungan tiap bulannya. Dengan minimal investasi $1, $5 atau $10 maka Hyip menjadi pilihan investasi yang menjanjikan. Program-program Hyip baru banyak bermunculan, dan ribuan / jutaan orang…

Hit & Run tactic

Run tactic – if someone still does not know what it means than it is when investor joins some program, collects the referral commission and runs away on the first possibility. It is popular tactic by countless investors in programs what offers you to pay initial investment back any time or projects with after-one-day (short term) investment plans. Why such…

When the Leader Comes

Today i realized that for a long period of time I have not written some “educational” article for Hyip administrators and since now market situation is quite slow it is the prefect moment to talk about topic “when the leader comes“. What do I mean by that? Find it out in this short article. If you have been around in…

7 points to success each investor needs to follow

Dealing with investments is not an easy business, but you can sufficiently simplify the process if you follow plain rules seasoned with efforts of many generations of investors. Imagine that while developing your managerial skills, you are training your mind and body for a marathon. You will need both discipline, focus, long-term look, and balance of risks and comfort… Remember…

What is going on? Why so much scams?

Without any doubt many of you have asked yourself why there is so much scamming programs right now? Does all the admins decided to leave industry in the same time? Answer is quite a different story, read more in article. Some theoretical stuff : Every Hyip admin and professional Hyip investor knows that there is two periods annually when most…

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