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NOT PAYINGCroodio is middle term project what offers pleasant return for investors. I must confess that Croodio I liked from the very beginning because even title is somehow unique and it just sets the tone fir whole project. Usually when title is unique also project runs relatively well, but if course do not take it as rule because we can’t rely only on title that project will turn out to be successful because there is lot more what we need to count in. Design of Croodio looks very pleasant and instead of traditional slider we will find video background on the main page of Croodio website. All other details of design are finished and I must say that design of Croodio is very modern and it makes good impression about this project.

Of course if we talk about trendy and modern design what Croodio uses than there is another side of this coin – as you know big part of players in HYIP industry have been here around for some long period of time and many of them like standard design HYIPs. These people just can’t understand what design of today actually mean and how it should look like. Yes, Croodio clearly is something what looks very up-to-date, but will also old-school players understand this design? I hope so, because even how good or bad project looks I’m sure that everyone in our industry is more interested in profit than design itself.

For investment plans – Croodio offers eight investment plans, but in general it is just one big investment plan where your daily return will depend on your initial investment. Investment plan of Croodio works like this – you invest and than judging from your initial investment amount Croodio project will pay returns for 40 calendar days and than on day 40 project will return initial deposit back if everything will go well. So, lets jump into details – minimal investment amount in Croodio project is $10 and if you will make an investment starting from $10 up to $250 than project will pay 2.5% fixed daily interest what in 40 days will make 100% return plus initial deposit back what should make pure 100% profit. For investments starting from $251 up to $500 Croodio project pays 3% daily already what makes 120% return before “initial deposit back” point.

Want to invest more? For investments up to $1000 Croodio will reward you with 3.5% daily and in such case project will return 140% before point when there will be need to pay back initial investment. Want to invest even more than that? For that please check page called “investments” and you will find out all interest rates what Croodio offers for investments up to $50000. Croodio project also offers to use compounding for investments but I would suggest not using it because it is not really safe to use it.

In Croodio you will be able to invest with all the most popular payment options such as Perfect Money, Payeer and cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Both deposits and withdrawal payments will be processed instantly and I’m sure that is what investors clearly like in any project and Croodio will be no exception.

Behind beautiful look of Croodio is hidden licensed H-Script what is good script when it comes to HYIPs and lately it is getting more and more popular. Project is using dedicated server and top of it comes CloudFlare DDoS protection what will secure this project from unexpected DDoS attacks. All other specification is more or less standard – domain name prepaid for one year and basic SSL certificate is used to encrypt connection between your computer and server.

Croodio clearly have all the right ingredients in case to because popular or at least finish first few invest cycles. Of course, shiny and beautiful outside does not guarantee anything and it is also possible that Croodio will not even make till the end of first invest cycle, but on the other hand because of relatively low interest rate also risk is little bit lower to be scammed. Anyway with HYIPs it is not possible to predict anything, so when you invest than think with your clear mind and invest only what you can afford to lose.

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