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Crypto Finance ReviewNOT PAYING For now, I want to reintroduce a program called Crypto Finance. This program was started on 7th of August 2016. It’s a big budget program but was launched almost silently. May be they’re also waiting for a good time in HYIP industry. But it’s already 105 days has passed and Crypto Finance is near to complete their 4th cycle of payments for the first plan. It’s a very good starting already but I think it is still on starting stage because this program is not so popular yet and hasn’t earned enough investments yet. If it wants to gain more popularity then it must have to open a new promotional campaign with more monitors and with more advertising and have to stay for more long time. So, there is still a lot of possibility is left in this program.

Crypto Finance offer both of middle term and long term plans and has 4 investment plans right now. Plans are – 0.75% daily for 30 days, 0.9% daily for 50 days, 1.7% daily for 90 days and 1.9% daily for 120 days. Deposit will be back in the first two plans but deposits are included into payments in third and fourth plan. Minimum investment is started from $20 but unlike other long term plans, Crypto Finance has kept all plans in reach of general investors.

There is 22.5% profit at the very first plan and the deposit will be released after 30 days. 22.5% may not look like an attractive return of investment but when the amount of investment will be big the amount of profit will also look handsome. But if you want to earn higher profit with smaller amount then you can choose the 2nd plan. 45% after 50 days still not look so attractive still you can earn double than first plan if you’ve patience. By the way, 2nd plan is required minimum $100 to start with.

If you want to invest $500+ then you have enough options. You can invest in first 2 plans or may look at the third plan where the profit is 1.7% but the term is 90 days. Deposit is included into payments. Total profit is 153% after 3 months. 100% of the investment will be back in 59 days. So, real profit will be started from 60th days.

Anyway, although all 4 plans are in reach of general investors I’ll suggest to invest in first 2 plans only. On 3rd plan, there is not much extra benefit than the 2nd plan has and 4th plan is too long term though the profit is significantly high. By the way, Crypto Finance accepts Perfect Money, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash and OkPay for making deposit there. Payouts will be processed manually.

Technical specifications are impressive as we can expect from a big program. Member area is most possibly based on a custom script or might be a highly customized version of GC script. Hosted and strong DDoS protection is taken from OVH. Extended validate SSL from COMODO with an identification of Austrian Corporation. A program with these configurations will easily gain attention of big investors. The design of their website is simple but attractive and looks expensive. A video presentation is also provided. In a word, there is no weak point at their build quality and everything is built with first class elements.

Well, I already said that Crypto Finance is a big budget project. The creator/creators has spent enough to build this program but hasn’t spent enough for it’s advertising yet. I think they’ll must run an advertising campaign but as I said just waiting for a “good time”. You also can wait for a “good time” or can invest there before the advertising campaign start. However, my prediction can be wrong and this project may stop paying on any given day. So, please invest less than you afford to lose.

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