Some bad news now as I need to warn you against making any further investments in FinANC. The problems with instant payouts started yesterday, but then the admin eventually processed all of them he blamed hackers for switching off the usually instant function.

Whether that statement was true or simply an attempt to delay the collapse remains to be seen, as today it was the same story and no payouts have been processed so far. The admin is not responding to emails either and I don’t actually believe he’s able to continue running the program as usual, because no official announcement regarding pending withdrawals has been made yet and I doubt it’s going to be done today. Meanwhile investors are panicking already and the future remains unknown. Given the circumstances I decided to move FinANC to SCAM! status on my monitor tonight and also am issuing this warning. I would be extremely glad to be mistaken about this, believe me, but at this point things are not looking bright for FinANC investors. The project itself has been a true gem which we rarely see these days, as FinANC has been paying instantly for four and a half months and bringing huge profits to hundreds of investors. So, even if it’s gone already it will still be a good memory for the majority of investors.

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