FinMutual ( SCAM!

FinMutual ( SCAM!

While it was known already for some time that FinMutual is not paying the payments I postponed the publishing of scam article till yesterday evening because of hope that on project something will change, but on the moment when admin sent out e-mail about hacking it was clear that FinMutual is gone. More in the article.

If there is anything to say about FinMutual then I can say that project was doing just great, it was online more then 300 days what obviously allowed countless people to made profit with them and I know at least few people who who were able to finish their investment cycles and made good profit with FinMutual. But of course like in any other HYIP also in FinMutual not everyone was so lucky and people who invested late most likely lost.

To be honest on the time when project started I had no high expectations for it because there was nothing more except ShadowScripts script and expensive hosting, but it was pretty much about this project and nothing really apart from that indicated that it could run this well and this long. One factor what most likely helped this project to become this big was the time when it started – some time after Liberty Reserve collapse: , so since at that time there wasn’t that much capital in the market program started slow and grown exponentially what was the key to the success.

One thing what was suspicious about FinMutual this year was “weekly bonus” newsletters: what came out one by one and it indicated that something is going to be wrong. Yes, there was people who said that project is strong and these newsletters mean just nothing, but I guess admin just prepared the stage to leave in on the start of the summer since activity of investors just decrease.

Everything with FinMutual was going on well until two days ago some people started complain that withdrawals are not getting paid, I checked also my account and indeed the payments were not paid. Then on yesterday (20th of June) admin just canceled all the withdrawal requests and later issued newsletter (read below) that project was hacked and they will resume payments next week, but as you might understand already – nothing will happen next week and program is gone for good already now.

We can finally make an announcement we have been waiting to make. Our server was breached on Wednesday by a group of hackers. Till we were able to locate the entry point and make sure they were locked out of our systems, we refrained from announcing our server was breached. The extent of the damage was the changing of processor accounts in numerous withdrawal requests. Instead of going one by one through withdrawal requests that were pending after Wednesday’s payout period to cross check processors, we have now canceled any pending withdrawal submitted after the last payout period. This also helps compress multiple requests into one so we can get back on track a little quicker. We apologize we were not able to announce this sooner, but while we were locking the server down it was important to not let the hackers know we know the breach happened. The breach was limited to just changing processor info on numerous pending withdrawals. No accounts were actually breached. Thankfully the weekend is here and that will allow us to get back on track by the beginning of a new business week.

So, in the end I just want to say that this is the end of one another good project and some difficult times may come for HYIP industry because now there is some scam wave ongoing, but as you know world does not love empty space and new promising programs will come. No further investments recommended

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