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Future Yields started straight after the end of recent scam period what is quite a smart move from administrator. It is no secret that last two weeks has been rough for all the investors and for many programs monitoring status sadly was changed to NOT PAYING. We still can feel the effects of the previous scam period – the activity of investors is very low, but of course activity is growing daily and I’m sure soon it will reach the point where we all used to be before the scam wave. Future Yields have chosen the right strategy that administrator decided to start the project after the very end of the recent scam wave.

Why is that good?

Example – if administrator would have started this project two weeks before recent scam period then he would have received huge amount of deposits and it would be difficult for administrator to cover the payouts for the investors because in such quiet periods like now investors play HYIPs very carefully – they wait more than invest. Seems that Future Yields for now have not received huge amount of deposits and administrator does not need to cover payments from his pocket (although we all know how “deep” could be his pocket). We all know how the pyramid works – it works well while there is stable growth of both investors and investments. If such growth is steady then there is no reason for administrator to close the project because every day project does better and better. I personally think that Future Yields administrator has started this project on the perfect moment.

Future Yields from design side of point is well polished. It is eyes catching project and for sure looks pleasant for all the investors. In this case Future Yields just gains the lifetime and proves that it pays well not just for the existing investors but also for the investors what will just arrive.

Future Yields altogether offers six investment plans and from them I personally would play just with two, maximum three. In all the investment plans minimum deposit is just $5 what allows any person to play.

First investment plan from Future Yields is classical plan what pays one payment after one day – if you will invest up to $500 you will be paid 103% after 24 hours and 3% of that will be your profit. If you want to invest in this after-one-day plan starting from $501 up to $1000 your profit will be slightly greater – 4%. Second investment plan what in my mind is good is investment plan what pays one payment after 3 days. For investment up to $500 your profit after three days will be 10%, but for deposit up to $1000 your profit will be already 14%.

All the other investment plans in my mind is made for total gamblers and they are not worth the risk, but if you are wiling to take the risk than third investment plan is exactly what you are looking for – third investment plan pays exactly after seven days and if you will invest $5 up to $500 your profit will be 23%, if you will invest $501 up to $1000 your profit will be 30% of your initial investment.

In Future Yields it is possible to deposit will all the most popular payment options, such as – Perfect Money, EGO Pay, Payeer and Bitcoin (with fixed Bitcoin exchange rate – $625 per one Bitcoin). All the withdrawals are paid manually what is just normal for after-one-day project. I have noticed that administrator is paying payments several times per day, so you will be paid quite fast.

Technical part for Future Yields meets the very best industry standards of today – nicely customised and licensed GoldCoders script, hosting and DDoS protection provided from Black Lotus and one more nice extra – “Green Bar” SSL certificate.

In the end I just want to say that Future Yields for now is one of the strongest short term projects what you can find in our industry, but in the same time I want to remind – don’t be gambler and keep in mind that we do not know the exact situation of the project and thoughts of administrator, so invest less than you can afford to lose.

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