On 28th of February admin from FX-9 buy banner listing (6th position) on Jss3-id.com. This program is already 100 days online, although project started advertising just few days ago, so it is still safe to invest. Program is well made and if you want to know about it more keep reading!

Strategy to keep project low and only after some time start advertising is smart move from many admins and I’m sure that it works out really well. Project in the start collects deposits and there is no additional expenses. With this strategy admin not just collect deposits, but also “collects” lifetime of program. When he starts advertising campaign then everyone looks at this program already with trust. FX-9 project itself is based on licensed Goldcoders script.

Goldcoders script is quite cheap, but it is tested countless times, so it is safe. Admin use unique design with usual forex legend what makes this project attractive. In general I think concept of FX-9 is made quite well.

FX-9 offers three investment plans, each of them is divided in three smaller plans. In first plan you can earn starting from 2.3% daily for 79 days with principle back in end of the term. If you will invest starting from $10 up to $1000 you will receive 2.3% daily, starting from $1001 up to $5000 you will receive 2.6% daily and starting from $5001 up to $20000 you will receive 2.9% daily. There is also compounding available for this investment plan, but it just makes investment risk higher. If you are die-hard compounding fan then do just some part of investment with compounding.

There is two more investment plans, second one offers up to 199% profit after 29 days. If you invest starting from $200 up to $1000 you will get 179% profit after 29 days, $1001 up to $5000 you will get 189% profit and finally starting from $5001 up to $20000 you will get 199% profit after 29 days.

Third investment plan offers up to 299% after 49 days. From $300 up to $100, 229% after 49 days, from $1001 up to $5000 – 259% profit after 49 days and from $5001 up to $20000 you will get 299% profit.

In my mind investment plans are made really well, but I would recommend only to use only first investment plan. While on paper with two last investment plans you can earn theoretically more I would recommend to stay away from such plans, because they offer just one payout. If admin will close program you will get nothing.

In FX-9 it is possible to invest with Perfect Money, EGO Pay, Bitcoin and Solid Trust Pay. I personally like that there is possibility to invest with Solid Trust Pay, because it just shows that admin is not beginner, because lately it is not that easy to verify Solid Trust Pay if you are running a HYIP.

FX-9 offers multi level affiliate program and FX-9 pay 4% for deposits made by referred user in the first level, 2% in the second level and 1% in the third level.

Hosting for FX-9 is provided from KoDDOS what offers also DDOS protection for them. KoDDOS is relatively good place to host programs even they have not that best reputation lately. Anyway I know that there is projects who have been online 200 and more days with KoDDOS and it works out well.

I must say that FX-9 is quite well made, but it looks like typical HYIP, so it does not really stand out from other HYIPs.  Biggest cons what I see about FX-9 is that admin is not fast scammer and tries to keep program alive as long as it is possible. Of course you must understand that if program is online longer period of time then also more people loose in end, but on the other hand there is lot of people who will earn. If we speak about FX-9 and other programs in general then never invest all your capital in one program. Split your investment between several programs. I say this from my experience that it is best to split your investment between 5 – 10 programs, because you can’t win them all. There is way bigger chance of winning if you will split your investment. This is just my strategy, but of course you can do as you think is right, because your intuition will be right.

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