Hit & Run tactic

Run tactic – if someone still does not know what it means than it is when investor joins some program, collects the referral commission and runs away on the first possibility. It is popular tactic by countless investors in programs what offers you to pay initial investment back any time or projects with after-one-day (short term) investment plans. Why such tactics is bad read in the article.

This kind of tactics is not just bad for the administration of the project, but also for you and for all the fellow investor. Obviously in the rules of any project there is no information that you should not do like that, but actually on the moment when you try to run with your money away you put yourself in danger.

If you will do such tactic with few or few tens of dollars nothing bad or dangerous would happen, but if you will start to do Hit & Run with hundreds or thousands of dollars than do not wonder if administration of project decides to close project after your withdrawal request. It is possible that they will not pay you just because administration on that exact moment even does not have that much money to pay. We can’t know how big is the pocket of the administration or how much money there is exactly in the project. Project might look professional and well made not just because administration have a lot of money, it is possible that administrator is web designer and web developer himself and project for him cost just a few hundred dollars. With this I just want to say that be careful and do not run away from the project at the first possibility because it can die because of your huge withdrawal request or it can leave huge hole in the project what just makes unnecessary risk for both you and fellow investors.

If you are the one who plays Hyips with big amounts like thousands I would suggest to withdraw initial deposit slowly in parts, so then it would not hurt the project and in the same time in this way you will get paid. There have been cases when people try to withdraw in one piece huge amount of money and than start to shout in chat-box and forums that administration is not paying, but since administration of projects is also reading chat-box this individual most likely will not receive the payout. But if he would withdrew his huge deposit in parts like one day 1/3, second day 1/3 and on the third day 1/3 most likely he will get paid. Also if 2/3 or any other part of your money is still in the project than reinvest it, so in this case your money will generate more money what to withdraw later. But remember if administration is sending you e-mails that project will pay you after a month or two most likely you will not get paid and in such cases it is better to warn also other investors about the ongoing situation.

Hit & Run tactic for some investor can be successful for some limited time, but people who do only Hit & Run usually lose earned capital in some other (fast scam) projects because they think that they are always safe and they will be the first ones who will exit the project.

In the end I just want to say that if you will respect the administration of the project, administration will respect you. And of course – if you invest than invest less than you can afford to lose.


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