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If you do one thing in longtime, again and again, you can get experience in this field. Today I will write four tips investment in Hyip industry based on my experience after 3 years play Hyip, have loose, have win in this industry, I hope my knowledge will help you get short cut to going on successfully Hyip player, avoid some mistake I was met. Ok, let’s start……!!!

1. Only invest what you can afford to loose.
This is very basic and important rule when you decide investment. Do not make anything stupid. Investment always together risk. You can’t make investment when you not enough money, what happen if you rent money of your friends, your family, invested and there program was scam?

Only Hyip Admins know when their programs collapse, nothing to ensure any Hyip can live in longtime (or tomorrow). So, accept your loose, enjoy your win! If you see good Hyip, remember Only invest what you can afford to loose.

2. Checking information before investment
Hyip launch daily, very more Hyips, have good Hyips, also bad Hyips. You can differentiate them when you access to website, first is template of website, I can’t believe bad template design website will become a good Hyip, also for introduction, script, hosting and more. You can follow my rules to check Hyip before you decide make investment.

Waiting payment proof : If you want invest, invest after few payment proof of there Hyip appear.

Check whole website : Introduction website, template design, basic template or old template using in another Hyip or good design, license script.

Check information website provide : Send some question to Admin or support team via contact page or email, do a test call to phone number support. Check local official if their has, you can using Google Maps.

Check domain, hosting, DDoS protect, Alexa rank : Check time of domain, hosting of website, it is free hosting or good package hosting, check SSL certify, DDoS protect, Alexa Rank.

Check Investment plans : Although here is Height Yield Investment Program but you can’t accept plans very high profit, because ensure it will scam soon.

Advertisement campaign : You can check there Hyip in famous Hyip Monitors, Hyip Blogs, Forums (bought listing, banners, sticky thread).

3. Make smart investment
The same above, you can’t know when Hyip collapse, but you can make smart investment to reduced your loose, I always diversify my investment, this is my key, you can see:

Dividend your money for more programs : Don’t invest all your money in one Hyip, because if Hyip collapse, your will loose all your money. This is very terrible, example, if you have $100 to invest, you can dividend your money to 3 – 5 Hyips with $10 – $50 for each Hyip. This is will reduced your risk for your money.

Choose Hyips with different term : You can investment in Long-term, Short-term, Mid-term Hyips at the same time. Because it will help you always enough money to make investment if have new good Hyip.

Timing : Of course, this is very important when you decide investment, you can’t apply one timing to investment the same one day or one week for all Hyip, because they are different term. You can read this article to understand term Hyip and my experience for each of them.

Make sure, before you decide invest to any Hyip, this Hyip still Paying no problems, some new investor can read review of some Hyip Blogs for one Hyip, but this is old review, they no update status of this Hyip, new investor invest and they was loose!

4. Don’t keep your money for one Hyip in longtime
Reason of investments are get back profits, if you can’t receive profit from your investment, your was loose! So, you can reinvest to another investment plan on one Hyip or old investment plan you was invested, you can receive more profit or you can loose your initial deposit. Sometime I was reinvest, and I has loose, has win.

If you want reinvest your money in any programs, you can reinvest in few period, because all Hyip will collapse! Please remember it, you can reinvest your money in one Hyip or you can get back your money and investment in another Hyip, this is you decide.

It’s not mean you should not reinvest in all Hyip. Some Long-term Hyips look good and potential, you can reinvest in 2 – 3 periods if you want to make more profit, but before decide reinvest, you must check again to ensure no have bad report for this Hyip, or you can using compounding option to reinvest in first investment (I don’t like compounding option, just personal opinion).

Hope this article will helpful with you, hope you will avoid bad Hyip, receive more profits and have some basic Hyip knowledge to become a successfully Hyip player.


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