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Income Always offers stable long-term investment opportunities for all people in the world. Founded by group of entrepreneurs and foreign exchange dealers. Our team is doing this by focusing on Forex trading. It is everyone’s desire to find secure and profitable sources for investing to build a financial freedom. 

The company started off as a small group of investors. With this small group, they started to concieve the idea of investing in commodities which prove to be consistently profitable and in demand, while making sure that they invest in matters that are not in any way harmful to mother earth. With investments in hydro electricity, wind energy, solar power and various investments in manufacture of equipments deemed helpful to our environment. Multi Power Ventures has over 15 years of combined experience. The companies that we work with, harness all the energy and power they generate into profitable investments for us and our clients. 


GCL The most stable Investment
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*2% – 3% For 15 – 60 Days Principle Return & Instant Withdrawal
*Minimum Deposit $10
*Accept Payment : Perfect Money / Egopay / Okpay / STP
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Join Genius capital Limited
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Genius Capital Limited 3 Weeks Online & First Principals Returned

We would like to announce some great news at Genius Capital Limited.

Yesterday, October 8th, our first investors were able to make withdrawal requests for their initial contribution amounts (those who deposited into GCL Starter plan). It means that yesterday GCL was celebrating three weeks online or a period of 15 business days. All principal withdrawal requests up to $500.00 were paid instantly, while larger ones were processed within a maximum time of 6 hours.

Since the day 1 we have been advertising our project according to our marketing plan. On this subject we would like to encourage you to read a professional review of GCL. It was done by Money-News-Online blog and, sincerely speaking, this is ultimately the best source of fresh and unbiased news in the industry. Here is the link: http://money-news-online.com/blog/2013/09/18/18092013-geniuscapitallimited-review-daily-news-industry

Should you have any questions about our services, please contact our customer service at support@geniuscapital.net

Yours Sincerely,

Ralph Bancroft (Director)
Phone: +1 888 333 0480

Today we are pleased to offer another review of a HYIP listed at HYIPNews at your attention. Billionaires Group has been listed at HYIPNews.com for more than 2 months. Within this time it managed to get close to Top of the listing, currently taking the 9th place. Reviewing this HYIP will obviously clear out any questions that may arise concerning the program’s performance.

At the same time, i dare to say, in case after reading through the professional review by HYIPNews.com of Billionaires Group you have any questions, you are free to contact us, opening the support ticket or try to contact the support of Billionaires Group directly. Let me also remind you, the review, apart from being published as the article is also going to be included in the regular HYIP informational survey, which is going to be published tomorrow. So, here we start. Follow the link to read the professional review of Billionaires Group!

XS2Forex review
Forex investing, simplified. That is what we do here at XS2Forex. It is in our clean, dynamic website. Even in the intuitive tools we have built from the ground up to help us accomplish this desire. We help you allocate your investment funds when you want, in any amount you want. We save you time with our Automatic Investment Plan, which will generate you a full passive income. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just getting started, XS2Forex is a segment of your financial future without missing out on what matters to you today.

2.19% Daily for 15  Business Days [Return: 133% Including Principal] Min-Invest $1.00
2.34% Daily for 30 Business Days [Return: 168% Including Principal] Min-Invest $101
2.54% Daily for 45 Business Days [Return: 213% Including Principal] Min-Invest $1001
2.98% Daily for 100 Business Days [Return: 398% Including Principal] Min-Invest $5001 


this comes that PM going to closed for US accounts only, and US people need to exchange pm before 1 july (exchange service for customers.. for this weekend everybody can exchange PM to STP/EGOPAY/BITCOIN and get 5% more.. and no cost)

JOIN HERE https://www.xs2forex.com/?ref=signup

My invest $150 [PLAN STARTER]
www.jss3-id.com | Deposit XS2Forex

RONWARDS LIMITED is a Registered UK Company
The day has been a long day for everyone at Ronwards Limited . Yes, you read that right, we are now a registered company in the UK as RONWARDS LIMITED. Ron Howards Investment Group is now operated by RONWARDS LTD. The same company, the same management but just under a new company name to represent a legal entity with a business registration number 8551869 .

For more information regarding our registration, please download our company registration certificate from this link: https://ronwards.com/certificate.pdf

And you can validate our registration by going to the Companies House website at http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk//wcframe?name=accessCompanyInfo and entering our business registration number on the search form “8551869” .

We are enhancing our services to you. This is one of the first steps to show our investors how serious we are with our business.

A reminder today is that you still have roughly 16 hours to edit your payment accounts in your profiles. After this time has elapsed, I will disable editing of profiles again and you will need to send a support ticket to edit your profiles again.

Another great news, is that Money News Online has posted the interview he conducted with me , you can read the interview on this page http://money-news-online.com/blog/2013/05/31/31052013-interview-with-the-admin-of-ronwards/

We have also extended our advertisements on several locations including that on Money News Online Blog.

We will do our best to answer all tickets daily. Thank you for your support!

Ron Howards of Ronwards Ltd.

Cavaxo Bonus Program and Newsletter
While rolling back Liberty Reserve requests, some other processor withdrawal requests were rolled back as well. Please re-submit your withdrawal request if you are one of those users.

Also our bonus program is in effect for all our members, a 10% bonus on all new deposits through the end of this week (Friday, May 31st). This applies to all our members which we instituted due to the Liberty Reserve mess in the industry.

We also have another suggestion for our users that we would love to hear feedback on and that is Bank Wire Deposits and Withdrawals. Respond to this newsletter with your thoughts!

Thank You,
Cavaxo Limited

Cavaxo Newsletter – DOJ issues update on LR
The U.S. DOJ has officially put out a statement and as you can see from LibertyReserve.com now what has happened.

U.S. feds shut down Liberty Reserve, DoJ calls it 'bank of choice for the criminal underworld'

We have decided to extend our 10% bonus to our LR depositors to our whole membership through the end of the week (Friday, May 31st). For a $100 deposit, $10 bonus on top. For a $1000 deposit, $100 on top, and so forth.

Thank You,
Cavaxo Limited
(TetraFunds) Please read – Important update
We are in big trouble after LR shutdown. We are Bankrupted. Not only the member deposited money, we have lost over 10 times than the deposited money in LR..

We are in loss. So we are closing our site. Sorry for the trouble.

Kind request, Please do not call our program as scam, because we haven’t scammed your money and its a disaster

Your’s Truly

(Cavaxo.com) A message to our LR members
We have come to the conclusion that Liberty Reserve will not return. The story has received international press coverage and if the case was that it was not true and Liberty Reserve would return, something official should have been posted by now from Liberty Reserve management.

Liberty Reserve is now gone and in the likely hands entirely with the U.S. government.

To our current Liberty Reserve members, our funds and your funds are likely never to be seen again.

Thank you for everyone’s response to our poll about offering a bonus to our LR depositors. We will be offering a bonus of 10% to our LR depositors who make a new deposit in one of the three e-currencies we accept, SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, and EgoPay.

This offer is only for our members who have a Liberty Reserve deposit with us.

For example if you deposit $100, you will receive a bonus of $10. If you deposit $1000, you will receive a bonus of $100 and so forth.

Thank You,
Cavaxo Limited
Cavaxo Newsletter for LR members
We await to hear more news hopefully by Tuesday (since Monday is a non-working Holiday in the U.S.) about Liberty Reserve, but we did receive a suggestion that we would like to ask you our members what you think about it.

The suggestion was to offer a bonus to our members who have LR deposits and that they can receive a bonus percentage if they are an existing LR depositor with us to help with their LR losses.

This would mean if you have a Liberty Reserve deposit with us you can make a new deposit with any of our accepted e-currencies and you would receive a bonus on top of your deposit.

Let us know what you think of this suggestion.

Thank You,
Cavaxo Limited

Ronwards.com workaround due to Liberty Reserve issues
This is a surprising turn of even with regards to Liberty Reserve being under serious situation right now. Please visit our facebook group and read more about it there, click this link to visit the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/245230505615705/ .

For those who already know what is happening with Liberty Reserve, I want to address the most asked question now that LR is having issues. What will happen to those who invested using LR at ronwards.com ?

The answer is pretty straight-forward. You will need to be patient, we will need to see what Liberty Reserve will do regarding their issues. Given the chance that we will be able to access our accounts again, then payments will resume to normal. If they do not come back. What we can offer our LR investors is that we will be buying your LR investments but with a certain fee (fee rate will be discussed over time and will not be an overnight process) . This will not be an easy task and will not be a quick process as well.

Just like you, we have a large sum of Liberty Reserve funds stuck in their system until they are back or until we are given the opportunity to move those funds.

Withdrawal requests will be returned to your account balances. Liberty Reserve will temporarily be removed as an option until they are back. That is if they will be back to normal and resume operation as usual.

Please understand that we cannot convert your LR to other payment processors as of this time, but we will be working on making this possible very soon for your convenience. Because we are unable to invest the LR funds because they are not accessible at the moment, we will be disabling LR on our website. You cannot deposit from balance and you will not be able to make withdrawal requests via LR temporarily.

We are not happy with what is happening with LR right now but there is nothing we can do but think of a workaround as to how to make our investors satisfied.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We appreciate this and please start using Solidtrustpay, Egopay or Perfectmoney today.

If you want to add your STP, Egopay and PerfectMoney accounts on your profile, please email us.

Ron Howards

Cavaxo Liberty Reserve Members
This message is intended for our Liberty Reserve members. The situation with Liberty Reserve is still slowly unfolding, but the signs point to it never returning. Please allow the weekend for more information and for us to decide our course of action.

All other withdrawals remain unaffected as they are up and running, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, and EgoPay.

Thank You,
Cavaxo Limited

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