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NOT PAYING Hello everyone, On 27th of April we joined the new program InfinityFinanceCorporation and 04th of May the admin InfinityFinanceCorporation buy banner listing 728*90 on monitoring sites. This program already for 23 days online. InfinityFinanceCorporation is fresh project and offers long-term investment plan.

This project holds all the classical HYIP design values, but apart from similar projects InfinityFinanceCorporation design is well finished and seems that designer have worked on each detail. When look design, first thing that comes in my mind is that administrator who operates this project have some huge experience. Why? Because usually new administrators does not sticky to classical value but are more willing to risk with something new and something what is not seen around. I think this project owned by legendary administrator, maybe? i don’t know.

InfinityFinanceCorporation project accept more payment processor than majority of rival HYIPs in market. This thing clearly indicates professionalism of administrator because surely it is not that easy to connect such big amount of payment options. Available payment processors for InfinityFinanceCorporation project is: Payza, SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, Payeer, Okpay, cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Neteller. Interesting that you can invest also with Bank Transfer, Western Union and Money Gram, but here you need to contact administration in case to make your deposit. Withdrawals will be carried out instantly and that is one another nice thing that I like about InfinityFinanceCorporation project.


Investment plans of InfinityFinanceCorporation are very simple, all of them are 60 days long and your initial deposit will be returned at the end of your investment cycle. Project does not offer the highest interest rate, but you can make minimally 1.75% if you invest with Infinity Finance Corporation. First investment plan starts from $10 and goes up to $499. In this investment plan within 60 calendar days you will receive 105% return and when your initial deposit will be returned than all of that will be your pure profit. Second investment plan offers slightly bigger return – 2.25%, but this time you will need to invest starting from $500 up to $4999. If we do some quick calculations than turns out that in this investment plan within 60 calendar days you will receive 135% return what will make 135% pure profit when your initial deposit will be returned. There is one more investment plan that pays 3.25% daily, but you will need to invest $5000 minimally and I think that it is not affordable for majority of HYIP players. In case if you are willing to risk that much than within 60 days project will reward you with 195% return. You can use also compounding to increase your earnings.


InfinityFinanceCorporation is that project is using customized GoldCoders commercial script what is unbeaten leader in HYIP market and the best commercial script available. Of course like in any other serious project also sever and DDoS protection comes from serious provider, this time from Black Lotus what is expensive, but in the same time very reliable. Connection between InfinityFinanceCorporation server and your computer will be secured with SSL encryption but that is like standard for every HYIP.


InfinityFinanceCorporation is constantly improving website and great thing is that in “news” section administrator is publishing fresh update. This communication is big plus for this project.

So while it’s true that InfinityFinanceCorp is a better HYIP than most of what you see listed on other monitors, the fact remains that it’s still just a HYIP and needs to be treated as such. That means following the usual rules about protecting yourself and your money first and foremost. So always establish a sensible spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose.

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