Interest in Crypto Currency Will Double

Experts believe that interest in crypto currency will double based upon the research of Ipsos and ING Bank BV.

The main result of the research of Ipsos and ING Bank BV in respect of crypto-currencies is the growth of interest in these assets in the future.

The research company Ipsos on behalf of ING Bank BV conducted a study of how crypto-currencies are perceived in Europe, Australia and the the United States. The authors of the study expect that interest in crypto-currency assets will grow by two or even three times in the near future.

The poll of Ipsos was attended by residents of several European countries – Austria, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, as well as the US and Australia.

At the moment, 9% of respondents own crypto-currencies. 25% of respondents said they would like to buy a crypto currency. This indicator allows to conclude that we can expect a doubling or even tripling the number of owners of crypto-currency assets.

The leader among the countries surveyed by the number of owners of crypto-currencies was Turkey – 18% of respondents own a crypto currency, 45% would like to buy it.

According to the study, 66% of Europeans have heard of crypto-currencies, of which 77% are men, and 55% are women; 35% agreed that the crypto-currency is the “future of spending on the Internet”, while 35% are confident that the penetration of crypto-currencies will increase in the coming year.

The share of awareness of cryptography is approximately equal to or greater than 50% in each of the countries surveyed, the highest in Austria (79%) and Poland (77%). In the US, 57% of respondents have heard of crypto-currencies. Residents of Belgium showed the lowest result – 38%.

The decision of the Europeans to invest their own savings in the crypto currency is influenced by advice from financial consultants and specialized sites. But friends or family are almost not taken into account for this type of investment. If respondents have to make a decision on investments, 27% of them will study the available information on the Internet, more than 20% will consult a financial adviser, and 8% will ask the opinion of the family or friends.

The study showed that the majority of respondents consider crypto-currencies as riskier investments, more risky than money, real estate, government bonds or the stock market.

The majority of people who know about crypto-currencies are aged 25 to 44 years – here the level of awareness is 69%. And the second place was taken by the age category 65+ years with an awareness rate of 60%.