Kings of Profit ( SCAM!

Kings of Profit ( SCAM!

Kings of Profit stopped withdrawals for big payments already two days ago, but that came to my attention just yesterday and I gave admin time till this morning to solve this, but at least he replayed that he has no money to pay unlike other admins who do not reply at all. If you are with some money still in Kings of Profit then withdraw everything what you can now, because scam monitors still are keeping PAYING status.

Maybe the thing what shocked me the most is not that they can’t pay money to investors what is normal if you invest in “after one day” HYIP like this. HYIPs like this run out of money and scam people big-time, but this time it was something more shocking.

Please learn form this and never, never do the same:
Yesterday I was contacted by one person and I was asked to help with withdrawal problem. This person were not my down-line, but I sometimes try to help other people as well, so I sent message to admin that there is payment pending and he sent me back payment proof that he paid it. So, I e-mailed back to this people and asked what is the deal with them because admin just sent proof that he paid and turned out that he really paid that withdrawal, but that what not the problem, because it was just “small” $100 withdrawal.

The real deal started later, it turned out that $3000 were pending and they are not paid. You think the story ends here? You got it wrong, story does not end here and what is more shocking turned out that this person have one more active deposit what is seven times bigger then amount what is pending. I think you can get where this story leads. I will not continue, because story is quite sad but you already got the point.

Never invest in “after one day” HYIPs in first place, if you like them do it with amounts till few hundred, like $300, but even then it is HUGE risk, HUGE !!! I repeat one more time it is HUGE RISK!!! This time admin is drinking champagne in home but people are suffering looses. No more deposits are welcomed, if you can withdraw something do it now, because as I said – many old “trusted” monitors are still keeping PAYING status and I’m sure lot of people will not even see this story.

You are more then welcome to post in comment section what do you think about this.

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