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Hello all! Welcome to my blog and the latest news from the major investment programs in the HYIP industry. The world we’re living in these days has become an even more dangerous place with many countries imposing strict measures and curfews due to the Coronavirus pandemic invading the world over the last few weeks, seemingly conquering more and more countries and affecting the day-to-day lives of regular people with each passing day. Severe restrictions and travel bans in many countries are in place and I’m sure many measures are yet to be announced to combat the spread of a potentially deadly disease. The world economy has reacted immediately with billions wiped off the stock markets over the last week and it looks like it might become the worst financial crisis of the twenty-first century so far. No wonder the cryptocurrency world took a severe hit due to the panic as well with people withdrawing from high risk actives to cope with possible shortages of food and travel restrictions as seen in China. That will surely further hit the world economy and as a direct consequence of that the HYIP world may also suffer.

The markets have been in turmoil for quite some time now anyway with BTC alone losing about 35% of its value in mere weeks currently trading below $7K. As a result of that many established programs had to close prematurely not being able to cope with such difficulties and declining interest in general from new members more concerned about their own livelihoods than gambling with their hard-earned cash in HYIPs. Despite the obvious worldwide crisis caused by the Covid19 pandemic my blog will still remain active.

Thanks for all your support, the latest news from the HYIP industry will be updated on this blog soon. Please Stay tuned!

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