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Newsletter Rican Family |

Ruthy Desandys  write on FB  Yesterday at 9:05pm
Our accounts are growing….we shall end up benefiting more than we could have if RAF was operating, and for that you have to do something you never did before….you have to trust RAF admin and through thick and thin be patient….You have to be blind to physical reality,let go of fear of unknown, keep hoping and keep going….and maybe knowing that RAF will never run away with your money will help you get there…’s experience is tomorrow’s memories….heng in there RAF family,time changes everything.

Newsletter Rican Family |

Ruthy Desandys write on FB May 19 2013

Here is the thing….today lets not be positive,lets be logic… RAF is going through a low phase…You can choose to see the glass half full ,or half empty the choice is yours,the fact remains…they need time to fix the flaws and you get to choose how to spend that time as you wait,but maybe the most important question would be,how are you gonna go through it?because its never what we do, but how we do it…You can decide to see RAF as scam,see everything they say as a lie its your choice…but, is it solving your problem???Is quitting an option?no it ain’t a solution either…or lets say we report them to authorities,and say what?that this company seems to scam us though they are working on solution?You can’t get out of a hole if you don’t accept you are in one…you can’t get out of a hole if you continue digging…blame games don’t work, for you also read terms and conditions,accepted and signed”l agree”disagreeing now won’t solve anything…And here is the mother of all logic…”if their intention was to scam people and run away,there’s nothing we could have done to stop it”…BUT we know them better,why not give them a chance,time and support to fix and operate again?After all whom are they fixing for?is it not us?How can you gain if everyday you are working towards loosing?how can you make profits if all you see in your mind are losses??You have given up on them,what if they give up on us?Everyone here is an IBO of RAF….make your choices,build or destroy but l have to warn you,You can’t destroy RAF,you’ll end up destroying yourself with health issues,complaining and doing nothing to solve it, day in day out will only wear you out…working to solve current financial issues, as you wait for RAF will make you grow, and RAF payments will come as a dessert, for it won’t be meant for solving issues anymore, but an investment that was worth waiting….make smart choices life,and live a smarter life,God bless you all….
Newsletter Rican Family |

Ruthy Desandys write on FB May 04 2013 
Lol lol l have been sick,logged in today came to this group,checked around and my shoulders dropped….l tried but found no words…its like one’s children crying out they are hungry, and parents there telling them to be patient, and its worse coz the children can see the food,and parents know its gonna be alright if cooked first,Admin understands what people are going through, only they have to deal with what we are going through , what they are going through and making it functional again….Its good they are meeting about RAF future,they know we have issues,they have told us they are positive too, and l salute them for through crisis,through accusations,through insults,threats, all along they have kept ”an attitude of a winner”They have proved to us they can do it, and are always working to make it see moving again, not only moving but long-term…Lets give them time,and hope they come back with good news for bad news can’t be a result, for RAF admin are successful people who are not worried of not getting it right always,but are busy making it happen….down phases doesn’t mean downfall,as long as you are working toward success……..have a blessed day RAF family,in the meantime tablets are working but seeing RAF move would work magic:)

Newsletter Rican Family |

Ruthy Desandys write on FB April 25 at 1:32pm
By now you have seen all the negative blogs,forums saying RAF is scam blah blah…..what is scam?if scam is any business undergoing changes,then RAF is scam….But if scam is what we all know, then you have to make a personal decision because ”them” calling RAF scam won’t make it one….Today l won’t request you to be patient, but be realistic.1.Who are the ones writing such blogs?…experts?shareholders of RAF?Prophets?…You as a member, whom should you listen to? them or RAF admin?Its never about what happens to us….its about how we react to what happens to us, and anyway you choose to see this situation will give you results…If you choose to see the negative side of it, then daily you will find yourself reading the scam blogs,forums,and come here to call everything admin says ”a lie”…But in the real sense it won’t make it a lie just because you are living a lie.Why would you start arranging a funeral just because someone is sick?why would you assume they are dying while they believe in making it?RAF and ismAD is ”our” business,if it goes down we all go down,it it goes up we all go up why should you help to pull it down?Success is not a straight line ,and just because you can’t see ahead clearly, doesn’t mean there’s no ahead…it could be just a bend.If you are decided to go all the way,then you won’t stop to concentrate on what others are saying, but rather get rid of fear of unknown,take each curve as it comes and move toward your destiny, for all shall be well with RAF and it can’t be if we don’t believe…Stay blessed Rican family:)

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