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OilRigContractors have stopped paying! Please do not invest there!

Hello everyone,

On 15th of April Jss3-Id.com monitor joined new program – OilRigContractors and yesterday 21th of April the admin of OilRigContractors adding 1st-listing 728×90. OilRigContractors is quite a fresh program and I see that some of Jss3id.com readers have already joined it even before review.

Design of OilRigContractors is made really good, not just from outside, but also from the inside. Legend is also quite unique what makes good first impression about the program. OilRigContractors for sure is one of the best programs from design point of view what I have seen around lately, every detail is so finished that for me it was pleasure to browse OilRigContractors website. With this program you can clearly see that it is possible to make something what looks beautiful also with goldcoders script. As we can see admin has invested time and money to make this project happen and I hope he want to keep this project alive as long as possible. About OilRigContractors Jss3-Id.com readers (JssTeam) talks a lot of positive and there some members what have already made investment even before review. Of course it does not mean that program is popular, but surely it will become popular if admin will bring back money to the first investors and if he will continue to pay and keep his promises. Program is online just a few days and it is difficult to understand what kind of aim admin really have, I just want to say that everyone must be cureful with any HYIP program because there will arrive a day when also OilRigContractors will become a SCAM: http://www.scam-list.jss3-id.com. But the question is when? For now program works stable and I hope it will continue to work like that. I think that you will hear about this program in one of the next updates of the programs what you will be able to read in the end of this week.

There is four investment plans what OilRigContractors offers, but I can say that only safe ones are the first one and the second one. All others in my mind are just too risky to join, so I will not cover them. Like every other HYIP what offers after-day-plans also OilRigContractors offers traditional after one day investment plan. You can earn 5% profit after one day if you invest $10 till $250. If you want to earn even more you can invest $251 up to $500 and then you will earn 7% after one day. I would not recommend to invest more because it just a risk and after-one-day programs are far more risky then any other programs.

The second plan what I think is also good to invest is plan what pays for two calendar days. With this plan you can make little bit more then with after-one-day plan but of course it is more risky then previous plan. If you decide to join it and if you invest starting from $10 up to $250 you get paid 56% for two days what makes 12% profit and if you risk with $251 up to $500 you get 58% payments for two days what will make just nice 16% profit after two days. Yes, here you can earn even more, but in this case you just increase your risk and in my mind it is better to play low.

There is four more investment plans, but I must say they are made for pure HYIP gamblers the ones what believe all the fairy tales that they will get paid on some X day 20000% what of course never happen. It is ok to play just with first two investment plans what are made for regular players.

In OilRigContractors you can invest with PerfectMoney, EGOPay, PAYEER and Bitcoin what makes them affordable to almost any investor. Withdrawals are processed manually, but it is just normal for project like this what offers such investment plans.

In the project there is installed so called “green SSL bar” what just shows that admin invested in development little bit more then average admin and also domain is prepaid for six years. OilRigContractors is using licensed goldcoders script, but it is nicely modified and it does not look like all the other copy & paste projects what are using this script.

In the end I want to say that project is made really well, I clearly see that admin invested a lot of work to make this happen. On the other hand OilRigContractors offers quite higher interest rate then average HYIP what could play bad on them when they will be online for a longer period of time. Of course this in new project and it is difficult to say what kind of game admin want to play here, but I hope he want to make this a long play for everyone. As you know HYIPs are risky game, so risk less then you can afford to loose because even how well OilRigContractors look it can be gone any given day.

Join OilRigContractors here!

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