Success in HYIP

Here is the experience of foreign investors about investing in HYIP and measures to reduce the risk that existed before we joined a program. What should you know before joining a company HYIP? Some programs have a plan that is good enough and designed the program to be able to survive for long periods of time, while other programs look like quickly to get money from the system which they apply, but really it’s just a hoax ***

Pay Get Review (

NOT PAYING There’s a few unusual features to Pay Get to set it apart from a lot of the other mid-term programs that so dominate the HYIP market at the moment, something which I guess the admin has to accommodate if he wants his program to stand out from the crowd. Of course on the other hand one needs to remember there can be a very fine line between innovation and just plain novelty sometimes. So let’s ***

Bitcoin 365 Club Review (

NOT PAYING A program called Bitcoin 365 Club and right from the start when you will open this web page you will feel quality touch. When you open the main page, it is clear that administrator has decided to follow traditional Hyip design guidelines but at the same time site is elegant enough to make an impression of something real. I’m not great supporter when for advertising of Hyip is used family-related photos like on Bitcoin 365 ***

Coince Review (

NOT PAYING Coince is a big project was started on 11th of January and launched with big promotional activities. This program is listed on more than 60 Hyip monitors and also has got very good response from big investors. The name “Coince” looks like a common name in HYIP industry and there were many programs launched with similar names. Fortunately, most of those had a successful end. Coince has a nice-looking website with a very long homepage. ***

Alternative Of HYIP Monitors

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great. Today, i want to discuss about the relationship between HYIPs and HYIP monitors. It’s important to know about the relation between HYIPs and HYIP monitors. Although, knowing this will not help investors practically, but as an investor you need to have some knowledge about the relation between HYIP and HYIP monitors. You’ll understand easily why HYIP monitors are so important in HYIP industry. Few days ago I was ***

USD Business Interview (

NOT PAYING Hello Readers, Today I’m publishing the interview with USD Business. USD Business is online from almost 70 days and offering long term investment plans starting from 2.2% to 3.5% daily for 70 business days. I’m glad to announce that is the first blog that have published interview with founder of USD Business. I’ve sorted some common questions to ask admin about USD Business, I hope you’ll found your desired answers about USD Business in ***

4Finance ( Review

NOT PAYINGHello everyone, 4Finance was started on 3rd of August and has been added on 12th of August. This program has got huge popularity in a very short time. Actually, huge promotion over HYIP industry is the main power of 4Finance and there are some other qualities also helped to get attention of investors. The design is very nice and impressive, still no unique idea has been added to their website. A simple slide-show, some ordinary descriptions, ***

Hyips As Real Businesses

Hi, guys! Today I’d like to start with a short series of articles that will hopefully help you all understand clearer how the HYIP industry really works, its basics and its principles which will be based on my own many years experience in this field. I fully realize that these articles can stir some controversy but anything that might give rise to new and fresh debate can only be a good thing. I was a witness to ***

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