Rockwell Partners ( 50 Days Online

Rockwell Partners ( 50 Days Online
Admin of Rockwell Partners has delivered the third newsletter to members of the project announcing completing of 50 days online and reaching some important milestones, such as 9000 members and introducing new presentation video on Youtube: Along with the milestones the admin of Rockwell Partners has informed about the efficient work within the entire period when the program has been online. The payments to members’ accounts have been completed properly without any major complain. Read the newsletter from Rockwell Partners below:
Rockwell Partners 3rd Newsletter
Dear clients, friends and fans,
We have some great news for you to report today:
50 days online…
We are proud to inform our valued members that we are celebrating today the successful completion of 50 days online; During this period, we have proved our efficiency, and our investors can witness that Rockwell Partners is just doing great with very fast payments, proper members support and without any major complain. This is just the beginning, and RP still have a very long way to travel along with the investors who trust us.
9000 members…
Today we have reached the 9000 members mark. We are glad to see you all among our members and thank you for being a part of Rockwell Partners!
YouTube promo video…
Please check out our new presentation video using the link below:
Have a great weekend and enjoy intelligent investing with Rockwell Partners.
Rockwell Partners Team.

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