Steel Assets ( Review

Steel Assets ( SCAM!

Withdraw not instantly now and pending more than 24 hour, please do not invest there…

Hello everyone,

On 5th April 2014, the new program called Steel Assets buy 728*90 banner (1st-positions) on , our invest $300 plan up to 5% daily for 10 days (Principal Return). Steel Assets is a another short term HYIP with Instant Withdrawal. It seems that industry is filled by tons of shorterm hyip programs now.

About Steel Assets :
The steel industry is one of the stock markets’ most cyclical sectors. When the economy does well, so do steel companies. When it falters, these businesses suffer. That’s a big reason why it hasn’t rebounded as quickly as other sectors; people are still worried about the global economy. Steel is one of the non-precious metals that attracts investors. This is because it is a large part of the infrastructure of almost every country. Due to the fact that the price of steel is subject to a lot of volatility, government interference and heavy competition, however, many shy away from investing in the metal. If you are interested in adding steel investments to your portfolio, try cooperation with SteelAssets Investments Limited and get real profit from the real business.

So this program is based on Steel Industry,

Hosting and SSL Information

Steel Assets is hosted on KoDDoS

SSL certificate is provided by Thawte Inc

HYIP Script and Template Design

Steel Assets uses Goldcoders Script
Check GoldCoders’ HYIP Manager License – Licensed

Steel Assets uses unique template, i never seen such template before

Payment Processor
Steel Assets accepts Perfectmoney, Egopay, STP, PAYEER

Refferal Commision is 4%-6%, Looks fair
Minimum Withdraw $0.01 for PerfectMoney

Investment Plan :
Up to 5% daily for 10 days ( Principal Return ) Compound Available
Invest $10, you will get $0.45 daily. In 10 days you will get $4.5 ( profit) and $10 ( principal return). Total Return of Investment is $14.5

Up to 14% daily for 10 days ( choose this one )
Invest $10, Invest $10, you will get $1.35 daily. In 10 days you will get $13.5 (Principal Included) . Total Return of Investment is $14.5

Up to 165% after 10 days
Invest $10, you wont get any daily profit. but you will get $16.5 in the end of investment terms.

Remember golden rules that do not invest more then you can afford to loose and never put all eggs in one basket.

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