Success in Hyip

Here is the experience of foreign investors about investing in Hyip and measures to reduce the risk that existed before we joined a program.

What should you know before joining a company HYIP?

Some programs have a plan that is good enough and designed the program to be able to survive for long periods of time, while other programs look like quickly to get money from the system which they apply, but really it’s just a hoax to lure investors who are foolish enough to be invested in large number.

The investment program is the best time generally have interest rates relatively low, and not too highfalutin. Admin is also usually open and can be reached easily either via telephone, instant messaging chat or private message via Facebook. And usually admin or right hand always provide an update on the development of the program periodically to all members or its investors either through email newsletters or Facebook Group. In essence there is nothing in the hide.

Total Investment: For some of the investment program, the smallest amount allowed is $ 1.00, $ 10.00, $ 20.00. Almost all programs and does not limit the maximum amount of investment. But statistics show that long-term investment program that restricts invest a minimum of $ 20 or more generally runs well over a year.

Profit: The amount of benefit you will get and the time to get your benefits will vary. As an example; they promise to pay you 2% per day up to 365 days. This means that you will start BEP & benefit in about 55 -60 days (2 months), if the program continues to run smoothly, a year later you will receive more than 500% of the profits.

Some programs that pay 1% every day for a year, other program pays 25% every 3 days for 6 weeks. Every 3 days you will get 25% ..! Sounds very good right? But you need to remember what kind of programs such as these have a very high risk, because they surely would be difficult to maintain its cash flow. Unless there are new members who continue to come to invest, which is actually the money of the new members have to pay profit from old members which means Ponzi SCHEME!

Risks: Every online and offline businesses there must be risk! especially high yield investment business which clearly means “investments with high rates of return”. Because the investment we are planting a turnover and its profits are very high, so it was VERY HIGH RISK. The size of the risk depends on how much you invest. Now just how you minimize the risk that is by following the above tips that I made earlier.

Once again I remind you: Never invest money that you can not afford to Lost! Moreover, if the money to invest may result borrow from a friend or to the bank. I also know there are many people who invest up to $ 10,000.00 profit, but because of greed, they reinvest this money into a company two weeks later closed / scam! Then there goes the entire profit of $ 10,000.00 that has been hard earned! It is unfortunate gains have been obtained must be wasted in this way.

There are also other ways to reduce your risk of playing in HYIP. As the old saying: “Do not Put All Eggs In One Basket same”. So in essence, do not invest heavily in only one program as sure as anything you on the program at any time it could happen that we do not want! Separately investment in various investment programs HYIP that you trust. Because if one or two HYIP Shut Down or Scam, you will not lose all your money. If you later decide to join in some Hyip Program, the first investment I suggest do too much around $ 50 – $ 100 is enough to start.

I hope this info is useful for us all ,,,,, HAPPY EARNING ? Always use common sense in investing not only thinking about the big advantage it …


To Your Success (and Mine),
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