Taraxo Group (taraxogroup.com) Review


#Update: Admin cancel withdrawal & not paid for more than 48 hours, please do not invest there! SCAM!

Hello everyone

On 25th of February admin Taraxo Group buy banner listing (2nd position) on jss3-id.com. Taraxo Group offers you five investment plans and if you want to find out more keep reading.

Taraxo Group is running on licensed GoldCoders script http://goldcoders.com and you see that admin thinks that it is really important and that is why you can see GoldCoders license http://goldcoders.com checker in their webpage. By the way license cost $145 and it is nothing that important. There is no doubt that admin is designer himself, because seems like design for Taraxo Group is home made, but maybe it is not that bad because as I mentioned previously in such programs admin just knows how to get the “best result” with minimal spend. Taraxo Group claims that they “work on all type of engineering tools and development in market, I’m not sure what that actually means, but most likely they use your money for some “other investments”. I hope you got that this is just a HYIP and treat this HYIP like you treat any other HYIP, because it can be gone any given day.

Straight to investment plans. I like that you can invest starting from $1, but sad thing is that for two of investment plans there is compounding possibility. I do not get why investment plans are called “TG”, maybe admin want to make some similarities with TalkGold, but I’m not sure about that. First investment plan what is called “TG 1+” allow you to invest starting from $1 what is good, because it is available for any HYIP investor. This plan pays you 1% daily for 50 days and will return principle after that. Second investment plan is called “TG 2++” what pays already 2% daily for 60 days, but I must say that minimal investment is already $150 and also here principle is paid back in the end of the term. If you want to risk even more you can choose third investment plan by Taraxo Group, this time it is called “TG 3+++” and minimal investment is already $300, plan pays 3% daily for 70 days, principle is included in your daily payouts. There is two more investment plans, but obviously it is not worth to cover them, because risk is too high over here.

In Taraxo Group you can invest with Perfect Money, EGO Pay and PAYEER what is e-currency “must have” standard right now among all the new HYIP programs. Program offers 3 level referral commissions – 6% for first level, 3% for second and 1% for third level.

Domain is bought just for one year, what is not bad because we all know that HYIP projects can’t live forever. Project is hosted on dedicated server what gives some more protection. SSL certificate is also installed.

Program like Taraxo Group is made for serious HYIP gamblers what invest in every given program what they see around. This is the case when program is poor and everything basically is in the hands of admin. Only time will show how long this program will run. Remember golden rules that do not invest more then you can afford to loose and never put all eggs in one basket.

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