The Secret how Earns at least 30% monthly in Hyip!

I would like to thank all the readers who regularly visit JSS3-IDdotCom®. Our Alexa rank has passed several previously popular Hyip monitors and blogs and it continues to grow. And all of this because of hard and loyal work to make better place what would be interesting for you to visit and read. In this article I would like to tell you how I earn 30% from my invested money in Hyips monthly, sometimes even more. If you would like to know how, please read more.

I’m not born genius or finance expert, but you do not need to be finance expert to understand how Hyip works and be able to see which Hyip will not be successful. You can’t really calculate how and when admin will scam, but it is possible to say about program quite a lot. To reach something like 30% or more monthly took for me big losses and lot of disillusions before I really understood what is Hyip. In that time there was no honest monitors and blogs (actually not that much has changed today) at that time everyone was thinking just about their profit and neither admins or monitors did not cared about investors. I tried to follow various monitors and promoters, but anyway in the end end I lost, and I did not loose some dollars, I lost couple of thousand. This industry has always electrified me because I’m that kind of person what do not want how to give up even I’m loosing. After countless losses I decided to start thinking different. When I started to see things different I started to win more and more. I must say that one thing is clear for me now – loosing and making so much mistakes makes possible to see where an why I made those mistakes. Of course also today I’m loosing money because you can’t know for all 100% about any Hyip. But my profit is more or less 30% monthly. More then two years I do not do regular daily job, and also from Hyip industry comes some small part of my income. From 2013 I decided to make my own blog to share my thoughts about this industry. I’m very grateful that every day JSS3-IDdotCom® reads more and more people because together we earn more then we loose!

First and most important rule – Do not invest whole capital in one program, split your investment among several good programs. If you put whole money in one program it is the same as you go to your local Casino and play roulette – you just put whole money on either red or black. There is just two possibilities you will win or loose, most likely you will loose, if not in first turn then later you will loose eventually. This is wrong. Don’t get greedy and and remember to split your investments. Important – do not select programs just on what will pay you more. From ten correctly chosen programs in your portfolio just few will scam, others will bring money back what you lost and bring profit. One more important rule – if there is no good programs where to invest – do not invest at all and wait till new good programs will show up. I know that sometimes it is hard and you have this feeling that you must invest, but if there is no new, strong programs it is better just to keep your money in your pocket.

If you have already invested in program, then help it to grow, if program will get new investors then there will be no need for admin to scam. When you select your programs I strongly suggest – do not trust payment proofs on forums that program is paying. Admin is interested to pay members who post payouts in forums for some cents because it costs nothing for him. Remember – today they can be posting paying, but tomorrow they can start to shout pending and after that scam! Remember that monitors in this industry are here to earn, 99% of them will show paying status as long as they will get money – all admins knows that very well and they always pay monitors in the end even they have already scammed everyone else, just to get some more money out of newbies. Forum for you is necessary just to check if there is no comments about pending withdrawals or some scam warnings. If you see something like that – forget about program. But you must do opposite – always post your payment proofs to help your program to grow. Another thing what will help your program to grow is not just posting payment proofs, but your posts in forums, chats or some other places that you have made deposit, it will motivate also others to invest and as I said before if there will be new investors in program admin will have no need to scam. Remember – people are like sheep, if one sheep jumps from cliff then others follow. In this case if you have invested you must try to get in others as well to jump together with you.

In majority of popular blogs (I will not name) if you check advertising section you clearly can see what they offer to admin – promotional review and promotional interview. Exactly – they sell nice words about program for admin to get more deposits for him what means more referral commissions for blog. Of course it is not bad to read reviews, but do not relay on them. JSS3-IDdotCom® is project of enthusiasts and as you know our reviews are way different then other blogs reviews. If program is bad, we say that it is bad, I do not care how much money admin has spend here for advertising. Here in this site, in first place is our readers and admins can’t bribe. Primary for us is investors profit, after that ours and this is why JSS3-IDdotCom® is growing every day. Because of this reason JSS3-IDdotCom® each day attach more and more readers leaving behind all other blogs and monitors.

Never do reinvest! If you got your principle and profit then in that moment forget about program. Most important this is about long-term programs, if it has survived one year it does not mean that it will survive one more. If program is still healthy then in short term programs I do only “profit reinvest” strategy, so I do no risk with my principle. I must say that I most likely do it once, but not more then two times.

Every week some admin buys JSS3-IDdotCom® listing because he is sure about his program. If admin do not want publicity from JSS3-IDdotCom® then most likely he has something to hide or his program most likely is too weak to complete with already listed programs. Also, I know that some admins do not like JSS3-IDdotCom® because we are sometimes too straight and say everything what we think, of course how else then you would feel if you pay for listing and in review you can read how bad is your program, but it just makes us different.

With this article I want to say that JSS3-IDdotCom® is most trustable Hyip investment blog and monitor. Today I can recommend to trust only four monitors / blogs, they are – JSS3-IDdotCom® Hyip-Online™,, and Maybe sometimes all of us do not know all the information, but we are always first who will shout about scam and will not hide the truth from you. If you want to invest in Hyip seek for information just in these websites.


JSS3-IDdotCom® Hyip-Online™

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