United HYIP League (unitedhyipleague.com) SCAM!

United HYIP League (unitedhyipleague.com) SCAM!

United HYIP League is gone and scam now, it is important to write some words about it because this was a big program and this can make some consequences for this market. Personally I disliked this program from very start, it was made to be good just for promoters and I’m sure biggest part of the people just lost money with them and earned nothing.

Admin chosen to scam in really dirty way, for some time he just posted warning on the website that website is hacked and that “owner” need to pay some money to some random Perfect Money account. While some will believe this story then I can clearly say that this is common practice by countless HYIP admins that when they scam they put such fake “warnings” on the websites. See screenshot below:

After some time admin just removed this message from website and now it looks like this:

I’m sure this scam will affect also some average programs what will go down together with United HYIP League, but I’m also sure that closure of this program will not affect industry that much as it was with Leancy, so there is not that much to worry about, although I feel bad that many people invested in this poorly made program what was just parody of HYIPs. I’m still shocked that such poorly made programs like this can grow huge, so this again just shows how strong power have all the Facebook and e-mail spam promoters when they promote some program in case to earn referral commissions.

I know that United HYIP League attracted a lot of new players and I hope that people who are new will at least try to read this article what will help them to make more money: The Secret how Earns at least 30% monthly in Hyip!

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