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Today I’m publishing the interview with USD Business. USD Business is online from almost 70 days and offering long term investment plans starting from 2.2% to 3.5% daily for 70 business days. I’m glad to announce that is the first blog that have published interview with founder of USD Business. I’ve sorted some common questions to ask admin about USD Business, I hope you’ll found your desired answers about USD Business in this interview.

Hello Admin, please introduce yourself to jssteam readers and tell us about the opportunities in your program.

Hello everyone! Thank you for an excellent opportunity to acquaint readers of jssteam with the advantages of cooperation with our investment project. My name is Gary McDougall, I am the founder and general manager of USD Business Limited. In brief, we don’t offer something unique, but we are committed to provide the best quality service and long-term investment in innovative startups and company’s future financial projects. We propose stable accruals of earning during working days for 14 weeks. In just 70 days you have the opportunity to increase your deposit by almost five times, using a system of compounding of daily profits. Our investment proposal is available to everyone because the minimum deposit is just 30$. In addition, we use the most convenient methods to send payments such as PerfectMoney, Payeer, Payza and Bitcoin.

Can you give us some background information of USD Business? Are you alone or how many people are behind your program? Please tell us about your experience in HYIP industry?

Undoubtedly, one person is not able to organize the company of this scale so I have quite a big team. Such companies in United Kingdom like ours are usually not very large and unlikely have more than a dozen employees. But it would not be entirely correct comparison because compared to them we are much larger. Depending on the number of current active projects and the number of specialists involved there, our team consists of an average of 30-35 people. They are experts in different areas such as computer engineering, energy-saving technologies, trading, finance, marketing etc. As for the experience of high-yield projects I should note that we are engaged in this business since 2010. Just before the last time we tried to find other sources of funding that were not always favorable for us. The idea of creating an investment project is very timely for us and gives us a new impetus to the development of international business.

Please tell us about the investment plans. Why you choose these plans for USD Business? Is there any possibility to change these plans in future? Do you have any “backup system” to pay profits regularly?

Thank you for the interesting question, which is obviously the most important thing for all of our readers. First of all, we don’t have some sort of complex systems of earnings. We will make every effort to compose our investment offer simple and understandable to everyone. USD Business proposes only one investment plan where the profit rate varies depending on the size of the deposit from 2.2% to 3.5% daily within 70 working days. Many have asked why we don’t pay profits on weekends. We are the same human beings, like you and we want to fully relax after the end of working week to regain strength for further earnings for the company and its investors. This concept of profit is fully in line with our basic business capabilities which we are engaged. This means that until the whole industry will not change, we do not plan to change anything in our investment offer for clients and numerous partners around the world. The company proposes risk-free investments. Before we started, we have created a large enough reserve fund that can easily cover all current payments for a really long period, even if one of our startups fails. But of course I hope that this reserve fund will not be used ever.

Please tell us about USD Business design and script? Why you’ve chosen this script?

Long before we have developed concept of investment project we carefully selected the technical basis for our future site. One of technical managers suggested us to use a popular script from Goldcoders that in his opinion has a high level of security in the first place and the most user-friendly interface. This script is able to provide timely accruals of profits and instant payments, and it was a decisive criterion in the selection. The website was developed by our designers and we are very proud of how bright and colorful it turned out. How do you think?

Well, the design is really attractive and I’ve also written about the design in my review. By the way, tell us in as much detail as possible about the security features of USD Business. Are you hosted on a dedicated server? What measures have you taken to protect the program from DDoS attacks and malicious hackers?

The first thing for which we have paid close attention when developing our website is to provide it the highest degree of protection. Of course, we use the most reliable web hosting from the leader of information security field – DDOS-GUARD. It is natural that our server has a dedicated IP address. Recently, we faced a number of powerful DDoS attacks, which have been successfully suppressed, and this is another indisputable fact of our right choice of hosting provider. Also USD Business has passed necessary verification to get extended validation SSL certificate from Comodo that provides strong encryption of all data received and passed through the site. Besides, I’m sure that observational visitors already pay attention to safety seals which are on our website in the footer. Yes, the website is thoroughly scanned every day for malware and spyware. We use the most reliable and well-known protection services such as Comodo, TrustWave, Norton Symantec, AVG Anti-Malware and AVG Anti-Malware. This completely eliminates the possibility of any adverse external influences and provides the best protection of not only your money but also your personal information!

How have you been promoting USD Business so far? What advertising strategy have you been using? How are you getting new members to join?

Marketing is especially important for us, that’s why we pay so much attention to the promotion of the company. The previous five years of experience have shown us how important advertising activity is. We only use the most result productive channels. Certainly I will not tell you about all our promotional methods. It’s kind of a business secret, and this is our own system, which we are not ready to share yet. However, you can see that we are in the highest priority advertising spots on hundreds of monitoring sites, forums and blogs. In addition, we have made a strong emphasis placed on our official regional representatives and the terms of referral program. Why do waste money on ineffective advertising, if we can offer a decent motivation to loyal customers and partners? We have developed a lucrative three-tier referral program: 6% – 2% – 1%, and of course offered rewards of 12% to our official representatives. By the way, today the company has partners in nearly 60 countries, and the total number of them confidently approaching 500 people. I think this number will continue to grow, as well as the popularity of our investment proposal. By the end of the year we want to open representative offices in several European cities. This should further strengthen confidence in the long-term plans of the company. Within a month, we also want to test the ads on TV and radio. We decided to start with the UK, the birthplace of USD Business Limited. If such method of promotion will be effective, we will continue to use it in the future.

What kind of customer support do you offer to members? What is the best way to contact you if we have any questions about the program? How much time it will took to get an answer from you?

Our investors are the main asset for the company, and we are doing everything that they were happy. We try to serve clients around the clock and solve all their problems. You can always contact us with a query via e-mail and expect for very quick response. During working hours, you can also call us in office or contact our operator Mark Johnson in live support chat. Our prompt customer support service is available to you from 10 am to 10 pm London time, Monday through Friday. In addition, we want to remind you about the hundreds of our regional representatives around the world. All you need is just to find the nearest to you and contact him to obtain the necessary information. Finally, I want to remind you about our accounts and group on social media, join us to be constantly aware of the latest news.

Do you have any plans for the future development of USD Business? In a very competitive business but only a relatively small market, how do you intend to keep USD Business competitive and keep growth at a steady sustainable level at the same time?

Let’s start with the fact that the market in which we are operating – of course I am telling not about the investment market but about the market of startups – is very large and constantly developing. Now we have more than five years of experience in the search and financing of popular financial and technical projects, so that we can consider ourselves leaders in this area. Such leadership gives us every reason to believe that we will continue be interesting for the investors in the future. We have very big plans and a lot of ideas that we plan to implement. Customer care and stable income are your priorities. While this is true, we are not afraid any competition.

And finally, is there anything you would like to say to the readers of jssteam that you feel wasn’t really covered in this interview? What do you wish to jssteam readers?

In general, I was able to describe the principles of our interaction with investors. I am very grateful to all readers of jssteam for patience they showed while reading my answers, as well as for the interest they show in USD Business company and our investment project. If you still have any questions, we are waiting for you on our website – – and are ready to clarify any information you have. Remember that we are working for you and your well-being.

Thanks for reading,

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