What is going on? Why so much scams?

Without any doubt many of you have asked yourself why there is so much scamming programs right now? Does all the admins decided to leave industry in the same time? Answer is quite a different story, read more in article.

Some theoretical stuff :

Every Hyip admin and professional Hyip investor knows that there is two periods annually when most of the good Hyips are online and when is the best period when both admins and investors can earn. I made picture of calendar, see below where with green bolts are visible two periods. First period starts in end of January and ends in the end of the May. The second period starts from the end of the August and usually ends before Christmas time. Both periods are approximate, they can start faster or later and end faster or later, but basically it is always like this since I remember.

So, why I even posted this calendar and what this has to do with scams or scamming? Idea is pretty simple, not just professional investors knows about this calendar, but also admins knows this very well. What admins do when there is no green bolts on calendar? Do they rest? I do not think so, they are preparing next Hyips what to air when green bolt period starts.

December and January is quite empty period for Hyips, so all the admins are preparing programs what they all surprisingly start in the same time, and all the programs then compete with each other. Weak programs die naturally after few days, if they are lucky they can survive one week. Strong programs are strong programs and they are earning much both for admin and investors and die after really long period of time and usually they are not affected by spring and autumn “periods”.

About scamming :
Programs who are scamming right now are not strong nor weak, they are average programs what just work longer period of time, bringing profit to investors, but admin can’t “exit/run away” because he have no money, all the money what goes in the program goes out to the investors. There is many programs what started together in the “spring period” and even they from outside look average they live a long time because no one really likes them and admin are just keeping them alive in hope that some newbie will arrive with BIG deposit.

About today :
What happens right now, why so much programs scam? It has been previously like that when some really big program dies then it takes with it many average and weak programs. This time the biggest program was Leancy and when program stopped to pay then investors just were scared and stopped to invest in Hyips in general, this caused shortage of money influx in programs, so all the weak and average programs are just naturally dying because they have nothing more to pay out to the investors. This is the answer for the question what I asked in introduction of this article. Last year many programs died like this in period before Easter, but this time scamming period arrived earlier because of Leancy. In autumn of 2013 many programs scammed when biggest program of that time – Empire Finance Group went down, so this is just natural circle of lifetime of programs.

Ok, but what will happen next?
Weak and average programs will just naturally die and after some time will start new programs where people will find new and safer money making opportunities. Programs what used to be strong most likely are affected just a little bit and they will continue to run without any problems even after this short crisis.

With this article I just want to say that it is normal when big program goes down it just takes many small and average programs with it and we can’t do anything about that. Anyway, there is one lesson what you can learn if you want to earn more from Hyips – remember the calendar what you can see in this article.


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