When the Leader Comes

Today i realized that for a long period of time I have not written some “educational” article for Hyip administrators and since now market situation is quite slow it is the prefect moment to talk about topic “when the leader comes“. What do I mean by that? Find it out in this short article.

If you have been around in Hyip industry for several years you clearly know that there is need for some leader program what adds confidence feeling for all the investors. With “leader” I just mean some HUGE program what usually pays for a long period of time such program usually is so heavily advertised that not just regular Hyip players plays it, but also countless other people who have never heard about Hyips before.

Interesting is that some of these new players don’t, but others finds that they have invested in Hyip and on the same time these players finds out that there are several other Hyips what also pays and there is need to join them as well. In such cases we can clearly see that more money is around in this industry because even average program what are usually played just by regular Hyip gamblers could last way longer.

This kind of thing happens all the time when there is leader program or more of such leader programs around in such moments Hyip industry turns very stable. During such periods around us we see a lot of happy both investors and administrators. When the next HUGE leader will arrive it is difficult to say, but surely something very nice regularly starts in the end of August or in early September. Will this be the case also this year – time will show, but for now it is way too early to talk about it.

Anyway, I’m sure some of you are thinking – where is that “educational” part for Hyip admins? Actually there will be no such part this time; I just want to remind that since there is not that big activity in industry for now and if you are an administrator than there is need to think that maybe it is worth to make something better than usual GoldCoders script with copy & paste design from ThemeForest. In the end I just want to use the same Albert Einstein quote what I have used once before – Insanity : doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


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